hickeywetexasWe already read about Texas Multi Mamas start Teryn Todd. which premiered on Tuesday, December 27. This series, which takes place in Dallas, Texas, follows a group of young moms who planned to have one baby but came home with two, three or four.

Today, we get to meet Candace Hickey – a mom of triplets! Did you know when Candace’s triplets were infants, they made 126 baby bottles of formula per week? That is crazy!! If anyone has travel tips worth listening to – it’s this mom! Here’s my exclusive interview.

Do you have any tips for traveling with your family?
When we travel with our triplets we bring the following: A DVD player with several DVD choices; snacks, a NEW toy that each children has never seen before. We have ONLY driven in the car on family vacations so these things are essential to keeping the children entertained and happy. A new toy can create hours of entertainment itself. LOL The main thing to remember with young children is to change activities frequently! I did fly alone with the triplets once! It was crazy. I brought all of the above items but for some reason their attention spans would not last long. Needless to say, it was a long flight!

What are your favorite family friendly trips?
We have taken family trips to Colorado, Chicago, Destin, Florida (drive in the car) and flew to San Francisco. All of these have special family memories because Brooks, Reese and Sloane experienced many new things and learned about other states, etc. For example, I can not tell you how many times when they see the Golden Gate Bridge they will yell out the name and say “hey we were there” or when they see a beach on TV they remember our trip to Destin, Florida. It is amazing to see their little brains thinking and taking in their surroundings. They learn so much from our family trips.


When you don’t have to care for the children, what’s one way you love to relax?
My favorite way to relax is either a trip to the spa, or a quiet night at home with my husband after the children have gone to sleep. I would LOVE to take a trip alone with my husband but we have not been able to do so since our triplets were born 5 years ago!!

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