SanDiegoRestaurantComing to San Diego this week? Take advantage of San Diego Restaurant Week September 23-28, 2012, with only $30-40 you can have dinner at some of the best restaurants in the finest city, but how to choose from so many restaurants?

Well as a foodie and San Diego resident I will tell you the top 5 restaurants either if you want to have lunch or dinner, if you’re looking for a romantica dinner of family time.

1-Anthony’s Fish Grotto
For only $10 you can have lunch or have dinner for $20 with the view of San Diego Bay, afterwards you can take a walk around the bay, great for a family day.

2-The Fish Market

This is one of the best deals, the food is delicious, specially their creamy clam showder, dinner is only $30 and if you want a good and inexpensive wine the best one is The Fish Market wine chardonnay is less than $30! This restaurant is great for a family day or romantic dinner.

3-Want a good steak? Donovans or Morton’s are your best choices don’t look any further, you will never be able to have a eat this good at these restaurants for only $40.


sandiegorestaurantweek4-Pamplemousse in Del Mar is another great deal that you can’t pass, this is a must for me during restaurant week because it’s expensive, but this week with only $30 you can have the best French meal on this side of the world.

5-Looking for a restaurant with the most beautiful view? Peohe’s in Coronado, where you can enjoy a delicious halibut looking over San Diego bay, afterwards you can walk around The Landing and stop for an Ice cream or one the boutiques, it’s a great location!

These  are the restaurants that really are worth to take advantage during restauramt week in San Diego, for most of them you need to make a reservation and all but Mortons are kids friendly.

Buen Provecho!