endofsummerThere is still plenty of time to enjoy Summer family activities and travel to San Diego. SingleDad is going to show you our Top 4 Summer Activities that every Dad wants to do before the end of summer…

Manta: Ride the Ray, Feel the Rush!

Sea World is not just about Shamu and Dolphin shows anymore; it’s has accumulated a pretty good line up of thrill rides and activities that Dad ‘s and tweens can enjoy.



The latest attraction is called, Manta. Manta is part rollercoaster and Sea Life exhibit, where kids and parents can touch a variety of rays in an open shallow tank. The ride has plenty of fast action for the Dad who wants adventure. The bonus factor is the petting area after the ride is over. What better way to cool off the adrenaline than to watch these bat rays swim up to feed right out of your hand.

As a Dad, this exhibit had both the thrill-adventure and cool animal-factor and was a great combination that my family enjoyed. There is a height restriction on the Manta Ride, (48-inches) so make sure check with the Park attendant.

Miramar Speed Circuit

Every Dad has the need for speed, and instead of risking a speeding ticket, there is the thrill of riding a high-speed go kart at Miramar Speed Circuit. Miramar is the perfect place to take Dad and family out for a day of racing.


These gas powered Go-Karts go plenty fast around a closed course and offer a variety of thrills for everyone to enjoy. Miramar Speed Circuit is open 7 days a week and has a variety of weekday and weekend racing specials. They also offer driving lessons, private parties and special go-karts for the younger riders. They also have height restrictions, so for more information , go to : www.MiraMarSpeedCircuit.comor call them at : 858-586-7500

Go Climb a Rock… at Solid Rock Gym

As a father of three, I am always looking for new ways to stay in shape and keep my family interested in fitness and healthy activities. Lucky for me, we can all agree on rock climbing at Solid Rock. Solid Rock Gymis a full service, rock climbing gym. That means Parents and kids of any size, shape, and experience level can learn and enjoy how to rock climb.


Solid Rock offers a variety of classes and programs to fit your family. Learn everything from Bouldering, Top-roping, Lead Climbing and Fitness & Strength Training. Solid Rock has three locations in San Diego, (Poway, Old Town and San Marcos). They are open 7-days a week and offer a variety of weekday and weekend specials and discounts( From Ladies Night to Military Discounts). Call 858-748-9011 or contact Solid Rock for details, www.SolidRockGym.com

I had great time watching my son show me a thing or two about climbing and I got plenty of work out over the course of two hours. Getting Fit Dad is all about keeping your family involved with a variety of family activities and I now have rock climbing added to our monthly work out routine.

Go Fish… Ocean Fishing in San Diego

From a variety of fish landings around San Diego, there is nothing better than a family fishing trip. San Diego has some of the best summer fishing that offers a variety of fish species; from Kelp Bass, Yellow Tail Tuna, Spanish Mackerel to California Halibut, you will have a great time fishing just minutes off the shores of San Diego.


San Diego County has a large variety of Sport Fishing locations, so check out these websites to arrange your next, San Diego fishing trip:
H & M Landing: www.HMLanding.com
Point Loma Sport Fishing: www.PointLomaSportFishing.com
Mission Bay Sport Fishing: www.IslandiaSportfishing.com
Oceanside Sport Fishing: www.helgrensportfishing.com