Experienced travelers surely know that it is essential to always have some water with you. It is part of staying healthy and enjoying the trip without worrying about anything other than having fun. But the more I traveled I started learning a few more things about the importance of owning a good water bottle.

At first I used to buy a water bottle wherever I went, a plastic disposable one. I thought it was the best option for traveling light. And it might have been, but I was so wrong in other aspect! One day, as I threw an empty water bottle into a trash bin, I realized how bad that was. I had bought so many that I couldn’t even come up with an estimate. That couldn’t be good for the environment!

klean kanteen

Then I heard about a study that showed that only about 7% -10% of the plastic bottles get recycled. The other 90% ends up in places they don’t belong.


So I started searching for a water bottle that I could take with me everywhere and reuse for a long time. I got a plastic one that looked sturdy. But after a month or so of taking it everywhere and a lot of washes it started to look busted and even worse, it started smelling really bad!


It lasted a few months so it had to be better than buying two or three every day. Right? But there had to be something better! And that’s how I found the eco-friendly stainless steel water bottles.

What makes these special is that they are extremely strong. This means that they won’t last a month or two. They will be around for years. This also translates into less pollution. so when I started traveling with my family I decided to use these. Here are a couple of our favorites:


1. Klean Kanteen What I love about this one is that it comes with a drinkable spout, making it perfect for kids. The spouts avoid the mess that is made when small kids try to drink from bottles with a wide opening. We can take it in the car, for a walk or anywhere we want. I always take it with me.

2. EcoTanka This product was born from the concern of people like me that want to be less harmful for the environment. This is another water bottle that has a small spout. So it isn’t hard for my boys to wrap their mouth around it. My baby had no problem drinking out of it.


3. WaterVault The company only sells this one product. It is a 24oz. water bottle. Just the right size to keep my oldest boy hydrated without it being too heavy. It also has a design that my boy thinks is cool.

4. Eco Vessel Triple Insulated This one is my husband’s favorite. He can’t stand drinking warm water. So it has been a challenge of mine to find a water bottle that can keep his water cold. After a long search I found these water bottles that claimed to keep water cold for hours. I gave it a chance and it did. Water was still cold in the afternoon after a long day of traveling through Florida.

I’m sure that there are other great eco friendly water bottles out there. But these are the ones that have been tested and approved.