Natural sunscreen by CoTZ
Photo: Judy Antell / Vegetarian TMOM

Save Your Skin with Natural Sunscreen

As an environmentally aware vegetarian, I buy local organic food, shop at farmers markets and belong to a CSA.

Yet I used to slater my kids with chemicals.

I never thought about the dichotomy until we visited Discovery Cove in Orlando, and were forbidden to use our sunscreen. The dolphins we were scheduled to swim with couldn’t have chemical sunscreens on them, so we had to use special sunscreen. This led one of my young daughters to ask why we were using ‘bad’ sunscreen.

Why, indeed?

Well, one reason is price – those drugstore brands cost about 75% less than organic, natural sunscreens.  But another is efficacy.  I’ve tried organic and natural sunscreens that glooped onto skin, refusing to be rubbed in.

But last week, I tried CoTZ, a mineral sunscreen that is designed to sit on top of the skin and deflect UVA and UVB rays. The chemical free sun protection also has no fragrance, PABA, or phthalates and is ideal for sensitive skin. The sunscreens are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog pores.

The broad spectrum CoTz sunscreens come in SPF 30 and SPF 40, and they are water resistant, so they truly protect skin. My Snow White fair daughter used the pediatric formula, designed for kids’ thinner skin. The zinc based sunscreen offered invisible protection and didn’t leave her skin greasy.

For those of us of a certain age, CoTZ has an anti-aging “maximum protection” with SPF 58. The anti-aging sunscreen helps prevent age spots and other indignities of middle age.

CoTZ is also reasonably priced; $20 for tubes of 3- 3.5 ounces.

Not sure if they are dolphin approved though.