ellaskitchenWhatever December holidays you celebrate, getting the family to eat well can be a challenge. You may be traveling, or hosting a family reunion, entertaining and going to holiday parties. But even during a time known for indulgence, you can eat well.

Food to Go

Ella’s Kitchen, makers of organic baby food pouches, has new flavor combos that are great for taking on the road. You may be going to grandma’s house for a holiday roast and pumpkin pie, but your baby will likely prefer her food pureed. And if your kid outgrows the baby food, check out recipes on the site, where you can use leftover pouches in muffins, baked stuffed potatoes or hummus (nice for sneaking in veggies, too).

veggie-dogsBaby Brekkie is perfect for travel, or breakfast on the run. The pouches combine fruit puree, yogurt and rice for a filling breakfast, and if your child is a light eater, you can squeeze some of the food out, and easily save the rest of the pouch for later.


Not just for vegetarians

Vegetarians and those looking to cut down on fat in their diet should check out the new Veggie Patch products. The frozen or refrigerated foods are made without trans fats, genetically modified ingredients, or cholesterol, and include such kid-friendly fare as falafel and broccoli bites. And if you have an indoor grill – grilling isn’t just for summer – you can make veggie burgers (made from carrots, red bell peppers, spinach, potatoes and leeks) and veggie dogs that offer a good source of protein, along with lots of flavor.