Reubens Deli ReubenFood on the road is one of my favorite parts of travel. Tasting a place, trying new things, finding hidden gems- this is what visiting a new city is all about. We can have nothing planned and make a vacation out of walking around and eating. (The walking part balances out any sneaky weight gain from the eating). Montreal is a quick drive away for us and if you’re heading to Montreal there are three food stops you shouldn’t miss.
Mister Steers Breakfast Montreal1. Breakfast at Mister Steer (1198 Ste Catherine St Ouest, corner Drummond) This throwback diner looking restaurant beckoned to us with it’s smiling cow sign and it was huge- with that much seating on Ste Catherine Street? They must be doing something right to afford the space. And they are. Classic diner type specials are all over their menu. There were some smaller plates that were perfect for an 8 year old that has outgrown the kids menu. Breakfasts for both adults were platter specials that our two year old daughter snacked off of and they were so abundantly piled with food that my son dug in once he had finished his meal. The larger breakfasts came with bottomless cups of coffee which is a neccessity for my husband! The mirrored wall behind us kept my daughter entertained throughout the meal as she gave the “other little girl” kisses. The highlight of breakfast was the Steerburger patty that came with my husband’s meal. It looked deceptively like a dried out hockey puck, it tasted delicious. We will definitely hit this spot for lunch on our next visit. Breakfasts ran between $4 and $12 and were huge.

2. Snacks in Chinatown, Patisserie Harmonie (85 de la Gauchetiere Ouest) I love donuts. My children take after me. One of the mornings (after having a cup of coffee) we wandered over to Chinatown and picked up some pastries to eat outside. They were huge and we only spent $4 on 3 giant varieties; red bean, coconut & custard. It’s in a great place for people watching and there are stalls of items for sale all along the street. It is best to plan this jaunt for early on a Saturday or Sunday morning as this area gets very busy (aka not stroller friendly) later in the day.

Red Bean Donut Montreal3. Dinner at Reuben’s Deli (1116 Ste Catherine Ouest) Reuben’s Deli & Steakhouse is a nice meal. By nice I mean I wish my kids had behaved a bit better. That being said the staff was amazing. They gave us a table that could comfortably fit all of us, interacted with my son, and moved anything questionable out of my toddler’s reach on several occasions. Looking at the menu at first can give you sticker shock. $50 steaks? Really? Isn’t she saying this is a family friendly place? The sandwiches are what you want to go after. We tried the original sandwich and the Reuben. Burgers were excellent as well. Ranging from $14-18 and arriving with sides (skip the fries and get mashed potatoes- they were the best I’ve ever had) these sandwiches are the size of an adults head. We shouldn’t have ordered a seperate meal for my son. Him and I ended up splitting his and bringing my meal back to the room where it was a great breakfast the next morning. The toddler grazed on everyone’s sides and devoured a large portion of the poutine we ordered for a starter. This wasn’t just any poutine, it was topped with chopped corned beef. If there is one place you go to in Montreal for dinner, Reuben’s Deli needs to be it. My husband and I are already plotting another trip just to go to Reuben’s.

What are your favorite places to eat in Montreal?