healthysnackTraveling with kids is a constant balance–balancing their wishes with ours, balancing who gets to sit by the window on each leg of the road trip, and balancing healthy travel snacks with not-so-healthy travel snacks.

I, of course, bring along plenty of healthy travel snacks. We never head off on one of our annual cross-country road trips without first packing mini carrots and easy-to-peel and not-so-messy fruit like Clementine oranges and frozen grapes. (When the kids were little, they thought the frozen grapes were mini popsicles).

The kids, of course, think a road trip means eating Happy Meals from Connecticut to Kentucky.

We don’t do it that often, but we do stop at a fast food restaurant now and then. When we’re traveling via the interstate, we only stop at restaurants that have one of those kid play areas. That way, they can eat the bad food, then spend a little time crawling around the play structure to burn off some of that bad stuff before we pile back into the car. If we’re on the back roads, we get the food to-go and eat it at a picnic table in a local park, which offers the same options for running around without all those plastic tubes to crawl through.


Finally, I’m always careful to limit the salty snacks. Salty snacks make everyone thirsty, which makes everyone drink more water, which makes everyone need to pee more, which makes us need to make more rest stops, which just lengthens the time we’re in the car and in need of travel snacks.

If you’re in need of ideas for healthy snacks for your kids, take a look at this video from Vicks Nature Fusion.


The video link in this post was sponsored by Vicks, but I’m including it here because I believe all of our kids need to eat healthier.