HephnerWhen hitting the road to visit the relatives, the water parks or just getting out of the house for the weekend, remember that your good eating habits don’t have to go by the wayside just because you’re on a road trip.

Here are some healthy snack suggestions to enjoy on your next road trip:

Beef Jerky. Yes beef jerky!  BUT, make sure you find an all-natural brand.  Most jerkys are so loaded with additional preservatives and nitrates that they’ll kill you just reading the label.  Healthy U suggests House of Jerky brand original flavor beef jerky.  Kids love it.

Fruit. It’s best to look for fruit with less mess, so pack crunch-dried fuji apples from Sensible Portions.

Crackers. All-natural, or better yet, organic.  Late July is a family favorite brand.

Cheddar fries. No, not THOSE cheddar fries…All natural, low calorie, low sodium Cheddar Fries from Snikiddy.

Fruitables from Apple & Eve. Great tasting fruit and vegetable drink boxes.  Perfect for the car, low sugar, lots of vitamins.

Water. Hydration is the key to making long road trips palatable for everyone.

Snacks to avoid:

Cookies. Even organic cookies.  Sugar highs and automobiles are not a good mix.  And the sugar crash that happens just as you are arriving can equal temper tantrums and very unhappy parents and siblings.

Candy.  See above.

Soda of any kind. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, carbonation…yuck.  Your body can’t handle that and your kids REALLY can’t.

Fast Food. No, no, no, no, never.  It may seem easy and the best way to get everyone to calm down and be happy.  But really, what you’re doing is setting the tone for a blow up later.  Not to mention digestive issues, which can result in a lot of really unhappy people on a road trip.  Eat something that came to you naturally.

T Hephner is the founder and president of Healthy U Inc. He wrote these tips while on a weekend road trip with his family.  Hephne’s mission is to help create healthier people on a healthier planet by providing all-natural snack alternatives when you need them, where you need them. Hephner’s main inspiration for the business came from raising four boys and knowing that he could not always be there to help them make healthy snack choices.  For more information, call (847) 275-9668, email t_hephner@HealthyUVending.com or visit www.healthyusnacks.com/.