don-draper-photo-courtesy-amcSpoiler Alert: If you are a fan of Mad Men and have yet to see Episode 6 of Season 6, titled “For Immediate Release,” you may want to hold off on reading the following.

Finally showing the better part of valor and a sense of morality we rarely glimpse in him, Don Draper has kicked Jaguar to the curb. Roger Sterling comes to the rescue with a lead on a car account. The big twist? Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have teamed up with Cutler Gleason & Chaough and have landed a new account with Chevrolet. Welcome to Motown.

Don and Peggy are back together and working with Chevy, not unlike Traveling Mom. Judy Antell, myself and Scotty Riess — editor of She Buys Cars – were recently guests of Chevrolet at the launch party for the newly redesigned 2014 Chevy Impala in New York City.
chevy draperWhen I walked into the event the first thing that struck me was the distinctly, “Man Men” vibe of the venue. One could almost glimpse Don in the video montage playing on the stark white walls. A trip to Detroit may be in order soon.

A cool vibe permeated the space set to a backdrop of ambient lighting and hip tunes. Chic minimalist decor which felt like an homage to Mad Men and complimented the “urban style” of the event. Sitting in the focal point of the room were two glistening 2014 Impalas — one red, one black — exuding style.


Photo by Steve Fecht photography for Chevy Urban Style More than just a “ride” this newly redesigned car brings style and techonlogy together. I’d love to roll up to the pick-up line at school in this car.

Many of the innovations and the new feel are due to an amazing creative team headed by women!

Take that Don, Peggy has still got it!

Read more about the inspiration behind the 2014 Impala at She Buys Cars and be sure to join Traveling Mom and Chevrolet on Monday (5-13-2013) for the #ChevyUrbanStyle Twitter Party. RSVP here to be eligible to win one of the several prizes.

Top photo courtesy AMC.
Bottom photo courtesy Steve Fecht Photography.