Q45The talk of love was all around us last night during our second #SeizetheIdea Twitter party with @Techlicious all about clever, do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts.  It’s impossible to share all the creative, fun-loving ideas that our participants came up with during the party, but here’s a taste of some of the unique tips people brought to the chat.  Have fun reading through the roundup and be sure to pick one to make for your sweetie.  You still have one more day!

How do you get kids involved in DIY Valentine’s Crafts? Do they use tech to make cards?

 We made these paper valentines that you can fill w/ treats.
 We love to make cards similar to this!

What is the best Valentine’s Surprise you’ve ever been part of (gifted or received)?

 My hubby drove 4 hours to see me.

 First real v-day card in 5th grade.

  I can’t think of a Best one, any time I am remembered makes my day!
  Last year my wife totally surprised me with a new jigsaw to build my projects in the garage.

Share UR Fave apps and tips for Date Night Ideas.

 Find a sitter early lol!
  Fandango is a great app for date night!
 I love Pinterest they always have fun DIY projects! My tips would be to not stress and focus on fun & loved 1.
 I buy deals from or & save them for great dates w/ my hubby year round.
 Fave apps for date night ideas? Anything involving travel that works with my budget!
 We love to stay in and listen to U Tube and dance.. Did I mention I love this guy?
  No electronics on the date just you your love and good conversation
 Loving hearing all the apps,no favs for me yet but that will change after seeing all these!

Let’s talk e-Valentines? Where do you find the best ones? Do you make ur own or use premade online ideas?

 I’ve always preferred making cards by hand. More effort, but that’s why I do itQ41

 E-valentines are green and eco-friendly. I think we may do them again next year.
 I wish I was creative enough to make my own but i usually use templates and look for funny one.
 We’ve done both!! kids love using ones we print out and they color decorate!
 My husband, son & I made a fun Valentine’s box for him to take to class.
: A4: Personalized e-cards for Grandma!


Where have you found FAB Valentine’s ideas— for DECOR, KID’S CRAFTS, FOOD, CELEBRATIONS?

  Fab Valentine ideas inspired by travel. Silk Road anyone?Q5tibbs
 Pinterest and twitter parties! so many wonderful ideas from wonderful people.
 I think following certain blogs and pinterest have the best ideas for me to create
 THIS twitter party is an awesome resouce!

How do U spend Valentine’s when UR separated frm UR special someone? How does tech help U connect?

  Qik app has added a tumbling hearts pop-up feature

 Skype! It helps me see my loved ones when we cant be close!

 Cell phones and facetime are great in this instance!