Inspiration abounds! For one solid hour, imaginative ideas for home improvement projects flew through the Twittersphere during our final #SeizetheIdea party with @Techlicious.  From tips for organizing your home office to recipes for homemade cleaning supplies and clever ways to remodel a bathroom, participants showed us all the fantastic things you can create at home with a little resourcefulness.

So read through some of the tweets from that party and get inspired to start–or finish–your own home improvement project.  And don’t forget, there’s still time to enter to win an Acer Idea Kit in their “Seize the Idea” Contest.  What would you do with an Acer Idea Kit?  Share your creativity with Acer by midnight on February 28, 2015!

What is your best DIY home improve/decor job? How long did it take?

‏‪@mamasmiles Rethinking our blueprint to create a family-friendly living space! Took about a day.

@TotalTravelTips My husband and his brother made me this! It took a few weeks!  Q12


‏‪@stephen_radford  I actually just built this table to match the chairs over the weekend

@TripsWithTykes  Proud of my closet organization project. Took many months & constantly battling kids messing things up!

@PastryChef777  We remodeled our 50s home to the orginal paint scheme! So retro!

What was UR DIY FAIL? Are you still working on it or did U give up?

@judy511 Redoing garden. Puppy dug it up

‏‪@shadow62310  Trying to paint a rainbow on a wooden wall.. it just doesn’t work!

@ThatsITLAQ21  I wanted to upcycle a dresser with a distressed finish – it didn’t quite turn out the way I expected!

@scrappinmichele  DIY fail was our garage organization and we ended up hiring someone to do it

@TessaS2000  My DIY fail was crackle painting my dresser. It was the 90s, don’t judge!!

@momconfessional  As if I would post my DIY fails, but let’s laugh at these

@Mrs_Sendejas  Ugh decorating! I wanted to make a collage wall and gave up!

‏‪@lisasample  My DIY Fail was probably trying to restore an old table…my first try and realized it wasn’t wood

3 BESIDES PINTEREST..where do you get inspiration for home improvement/decor? Online? Stores? Where? Who?

@shadow62310  At twitter parties, from family members, or catalogues for stores

‏‪@TripsWithTykes  Blogs! One of my long-time favorites for cute home organizing is ‪@iheartorganize

‏‪@SuzanneKantra  I love reading blogs. Grt ideas like this deskQ31

@wendyrc8  I love to watch renovation TV shows. I’m addicted!

‏‪@mulysa32 My MOM!!

@TessaS2000  I get most of my ideas from my fabulous friends! Then I enlist their help!!

Which DIY project could help you organize your life/rooms/business?

‏‪@PastryChef777  I need to try the power cord idea…I have issues with cords. I HATE THEM lol

@DebMomOf3  Really need to figure out how to fit a home office in this small house, so I can get my desk out of our living room!

‏‪@wendyrc8  Storage in the garage. I’d like for it to look like this! ‪#SeizeTheIdea

@RAS070  Honestly, I am in the process of working on storage for cords. Cords to devices and in the walls. So. Many.

@TibsTravel  Minimizing is my preferred DIY simplify life project

What is your best tip for using tech to keep organized?

@TripsWithTykes  Love programs & apps w to do lists to keep me organized – ‪@OmniFocus is a family favorite.Q51

‏‪@mulysa32  I use my calender & alarms ALL the time!

‏‪@ThatsITLA  I use my phone to stay organized! Create to-do-ists, track expenses, track how I use my time

@TessaS2000  Scan all bills and paperwork into a new ‪@AcerAmerica laptop!

‏‪@mommy3sons  I use my iPhone for just about everything from calendars to checking emails, Twitter, etc

@theorganizedmom  Now THIS I know about, but I love putting washy tape on chargers so kids can keep them straight

What are UR best DIY cleaning recipes and tips?

@TessaS2000  Invite my mom by for a visit – let nature take its course!

‏‪@travelermom  I make my own laundry detergent. A basic recipe- Ivory, Baking Soda, Washing Powder & I add Oxyclean.

@Sinch420  Vinegar!

@TeresaShaw  @Care2 has gr8 DIY cleaning recipes.