2010-07-06_15.25.21I’m sure we have all had the kiddos whining at us at one time or another while we’re trekking across an amusement park and just wish you could grab the quick snack to quiet them up so you can think clearly! I know I have. Well if you ever happen to be at Disney’s California Adventure may I suggest one of these (my girls favorites):“Mickey” Bread for $6.99 (easy to find at the Golden State)

A bucket of popcorn for $5.75, save the bucket for later use in the bathtub or making sandcastles at the beach (located throughout the park , sunshine plaza , paradise pier and also Condor flat)

A  good ‘ole classic churro for $3.00 (found at Sunshine Plaza or as my kids call it “bugs life”)

A frozen lemonade for $4.00 if you happen to be there on a warmer day (find these at Paradise Pier)


“Mickey Mouse” pretzels for $3.75 (once again at Paradise Pier and also Route 66)

So if you are going to visit Mickey Mouse anytime soon be sure to remember these tasty treats and do me a favor and tell Mickey and his friends I said hello!!