Roccos Tacos3I have learned that ‘eating out with kids’ is one of those things that aren’t as fun as they sound. If you want to be able to enjoy your food and have a drink in peace bringing a two year old isn’t the best idea, same thing with a restless eight year old. So I like to go out on a date night with my husband every once in a while.

Since we don’t trust anyone to put our boys to bed we don’t have many date nights. However on our trip to Florida we took a romantic afternoon – Rocco’s Tacos on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.

One of the things I like doing in restaurants is sitting outside watching the people go by. I can do this for hours as long as I have good company. So finding a spot on the street as we arrived made it all better. We ordered a pitcher of White Wine Sangria and I sat back as my husband and I chatted the afternoon away.

Roccos Tacos2After taking a good look at the menu we decided to start with their classic Guacamole dish. The waiter made it sound as a must have of the restaurant, so we were definitely curious, plus they have a whole station just for it. I also love a good guacamole, so it made sense making it our first dish.

The next logical step for my hubby was a Ceviche Special, he is a huge fan of Ceviche! He loved the one that he got.

I decided to get the special Rocco’s Tacos. It seemed to be their signature dish so I couldn’t miss it. The tacos did not disappoint, they were great. You can pick either chicken, veggies, beef or shrimp. I went with shrimp.

The dishes were so big that by the time we were done and the waiter came by to ask if we needed anything else we had to pass. I was glad to learn that the dishes were at a super affordable price.

Roccos Tacos5Tip:

We arrived relatively early and we were able to get a spot outside, and the restaurant was only partially filled.

A couple of hours later, when we left, the place was incredibly full. There was even a line outside waiting to get a table. So I’d recommend getting a reservation or getting there early.

Important Information for Rocco’s Tacos in Florida:

Rocco’s Tacos – West Palm Beach
Address: 224 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach
Phone: 561-659-1940
Cost: (10-30) $$

NOTE: They have five restaurants in Florida, pick the one you are closest to and enjoy!