China with Mandarin Journeys

My fellow travelers all smiles in China. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom.

While most of my travel is centered around my husband’s triathlete training and race destinations, every once in awhile I like to break free and travel just for me. With May 2-10 being National Travel & Tourism Week, I thought I’d share a tale about my recent travels in the hopes of inspiring you to forget all your misconceptions, inhibitions, and fears and take that leap into the unfamiliar travel world!

Many people don’t and are quite uncomfortable about the idea of traveling alone. Not me. I love to travel solo. I’m at ease exploring the world on my own, being in control, and not having to worry about pleasing other people.

I recently made a different type of travel choice: an 8 day journey with 4 other women, a sort of girlfriend getaway. And guess what? I actually liked it.  All it took was spending a bit of time with these lovely fellow travelers and I was able to relax and appreciate what everyone else brought to the table. I was sold.

Shanghai China

Getting ready for a canal ride with fellow traveler Vera Sweeney. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom.

Among other things, I learned that there is really something special about being with a small group of dynamic, super smart, diverse in all ways, fun women.  When you travel solo, you spend a lot of time looking inward based on what you see, who you talk to, and how you feel.

Add four women to the travel experience and it is really life changing.  We challenged each other.  We listened to one another’s opinions and didn’t judge.  We shared our thoughts and emotions.  We brought to the table our backgrounds, beliefs, and past experiences and I came away looking at the trip from four quite diverse viewpoints.  It was amazing.

I hope my sharing this story with you challenges you to be brave in your travels; that you expand your travel horizons and try something you thought you never would.  Trust me, it only hurts a little at first…