TMOM: You were still traveling a lot after you had kids, right?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO: I worked as a sports commentator prior doing a lot of traveling. I had hosted  an outdoor adventure show on ESPN called, Men’s Journal, the Magazine. We were everywhere and I couldn’t take my kids with me because it was too difficult. But the travel was getting to be a grind with two young children so I opted for a job where I could stay home and have a little flexibility with my time.

TMOM:  Did you have a nanny when the kids were young?


CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO: We had a nanny but I have a husband who’s really a great hands-on kind of guy. He does a lot of stuff for the kids even today. And he likes it.  It’s not like he’s being forced to do it. He says, “I had kids to raise them. I want to raise them.”

TMOM:  When you were traveling, did you have any sort of rituals to stay connected to your kids?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO: I always tried to wake them up in the morning. My husband would wake them up and I’d speak to them for a few minutes. If I could catch them during the day I would and then, of course, always at night before they went to sleep. Sometimes I’d be gone and my television show from the week before would be airing and that gave them a chance to see me doing what I was doing.

TMOM: So 9/11 convinced you get a job closer to home. Has it stopped you from traveling altogether?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO:  It certainly hasn’t stopped us from traveling, but it’s not quite as fun and glamorous as it used to be.  I took my daughter to West Palm Beach to show horses over President’s Day and we couldn’t even get close enough to the departures building to drop our bags off. The security line was snaking around the building and I’m telling her stories like “Oh, yes, back in the day we’d just pull up to the airport and throw my skis off to the skycap guy and I’d walk straight down to the plane.” She couldn’t believe it.

TMOM:  Do you travel without your kids at all now?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO:  If I am doing something for the Women’s Sports Foundation. Occasionally I still do television pieces if it’s something that interests me. We travel a lot as a family as both my husband I feel it’s important for them to see the world for perspective. It certainly bolsters their education when they are reading about a piece of art in school and have seen it in the Uffizi. As a family we travelled to Greece for the Olympics but also spent a week just traveling (my husband is Greek and his parents still have a small apartment in Athens- it was amazing). We also traveled around Italy for 2 weeks seeing Rome (what can you say — fabulous in every way). Venice, Sienna, Elba and the Palio were all amazing.  We were in Milan when Italy won the World Cup which was totally crazy and in Florence, my son proceeded to give us a 20 minute dissertation on  one of the Duomos as he had learned about it school.  That was quite a moment for me!!

TMOM:  When you travel now, are you leaving with a different attitude than you used to?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO:  When I was doing the television show, I’d be gone for 10 days or 15 days at a time. But if you’re going for one night or two nights, it’s no big deal. They barely miss you at that point. But it was hard when they were really little.

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