TMOM: So now what does your travel life look like? Family vacations?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO: We have gone to Europe the last couple of years with the children and have really loved that. My husband’s Greek and we went to the Olympics a few years ago. My husband speaks Greek and his parents still have an apartment in Athens.

So we slept there and then we went to Santorini and a friend’s house in Paros and Mykonos and then we came back and spent a week in Athens at the Olympics. That was great because the kids were like a little bit older. They had some context for the Parthenon and all the different things. And our family is really sports-oriented, so being able to go to the Olympics was amazing. My daughter rides horses–she’s a nationally ranked equestrian—and the woman who owns the barn where we keep our horse, Ashley Holzer, is an Olympian. So we went to see her ride at the Olympics.


TMOM: That’s a lot of traveling.

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO:  We try to make it interesting, meaning we didn’t spend a week sitting in any one place. The kids never got bored. We took trains everywhere and sometimes we were on boats and ferries and that’s interesting travel for the children, because we really don’t get to do that. Most people hop in their cars and drive around.

TMOM:  How did you deal with their jet lag? I’m always looking for the magic formula.

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO: My children got right on to European time and the European custom of eating dinner at 9 or 10 at night. If you eat dinner at 9 or 10 at night, then it’s midnight or 1 a.m. when you get to sleep. They were a little groggy the first day, but it was fine to wake up at noon the next day because that’s when they were having breakfast there.

TMOM: These days you travel a lot with your daughter to show horses, right?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO: We do a lot of traveling by car to these God forsaken places- but beautiful country side. Before GPS came out, I would always make sure I had all my maps and I knew exactly where I was going because you have to get there to ride the horse by 7 a.m. and we’re leaving at 5:30 a.m. and the coffee hasn’t kicked in. I taught her to read the maps for me while I was driving. So she is a great map reader thanks to all of her horse shows. There are opportunities to broaden your children’s horizons with these kinds of things, not to just stick them in the back with a video.

TMOM:  What is your Must Pack Item?

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO: Oh, my God, that’s a good question.  I hate to say it but Lunesta. I don’t sleep well.  I’m not a good sleeper in New York and especially when I get into a hotel there’s different noises and lights and everything else.  There’s nothing worse than sitting in the bed with your eyes open — you know wide open — for the whole night and you’re just ruined the next day.

TMOM:  Any funny trip stories?  

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO:  I have a great story. When my husband and I first got married, I still lived in Orlando and he lived in New York so we had this commuter marriage. On one flight, my son had a little sippy cup with ginger ale in it. As toddlers do, he dumped the whole thing down the front of him. So I strip him down and as soon as I do, he jumps out of the chair…

TMOM: Naked

CAMILLE DUVALL-HERO:  Naked. And runs all the way to the back of the plane screaming, “NAKED MAN, NAKED MAN!” Everyone was laughing, and people were clapping.

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Water skiing photos courtesy of Tom King