adoraMove over, Viactiv, there’s a new calcium supplement in town and it tastes like real chocolate, not a chewy glob of chocolate-flavored corn syrup. It’s called Adora, loads you up with 500mg of calcium and comes in milk or dark chocolate flavor. An added benefit is that it’s also packed with 500 milligrams of Vitamin D, an essential component of calcium absorption.

I popped a few pre-wrapped disks into my carry-on to get the double benefit of nutrition and satiated hunger pangs. Now for the downside: Each disk has 30 calories and the recommended dosage is up to six per day. I say go right ahead and indulge in the name of travel health, but remember that it’s hardly the caloric equivalent of that tasteless (yet calorie-free) Centrum you have stashed away in the back of your kitchen cabinet. So if you’re like me and get struck by a serious chocolate craving each night, skip the ice cream and savor a couple of these small wonders. ($14.98 for a one-month supply,