Rotana brunch girlsBubbly Brunch is a new concept to me since moving to the United Arab Emirates. I’ve heard of ladies doing tea or champagne brunches back home, but never like this. It’s almost a hidden hobby of many. From Abu Dhabi to Fujairah, you’ll find hotel after hotel offering the nicest spreads of amazing food and the option to enjoy unlimited champagne, wine and beer. Some will meet montly for brunch, trying a new venue each time. Some might be meeting a little more often than that…and hey, if you can afford the hobby, why not? You’re sure to be satisfied with delicacies and quite “happy” by the time you leave.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I love being a mom and doing all the family activities with the children, but sometimes, mom needs a break and a place to let her hair down. Now don’t get me wrong, family friendly venues are number one on my list so that I can keep my three young children entertained when we’re out and about, but a little peace and quiet is nice too. Wouldn’t you know I was able, just up the street in Ras Al Khaimah, to find that mommy hangout with two of my mommy friends. The Cove Rotana Resort is perched on the side of a hill, overlooking the ocean and cascading in every direction the eye can see to pools, restaurants, activity areas and beautiful hotel villas. It’s a hidden romantic yet family friendly getaway for visitors and locals alike. But perhaps one of the most exciting promotions for expat residents like myself The Cove offers is the Bubbly Brunch at the Cinnamon Restaurant. As a member of the expat community, we’re always looking for new hangouts, getaways and a little bit of fun.

This buffet is sure to please every palette, as it offers local dishes of the Middle East, sushi, soups and salads, gourmet cheeses and breads, scrumptious shellfish selections, mini appetizers and more. Unlimited food is all yours from 12:30-4:00pm, and yes, you will want to arrive at 12:30 and leave at 4:00. As not everyone is a bubbly fan, you do have three options from which to choose. The Family Brunch offers the buffet, juice and mineral water for 135 AED. The Bubbly Brunch offers soft drinks, fresh juices, mineral water, free-flowing red and white whine, sparkling champagne and selected beers for 185 AED. The Premium Brunch offers soft drinks, fresh juices, mineral water, free-flowing red, white, sparkling wine, selected beers and selected hard liquors for 210 AED.


We were very impressed with this gourmet brunch at The Cove Rotana Resort and will for sure be visiting again…maybe with the husbands and children.