jhchuckwagon1There are a lot of choices for “authentic tastes of the West” in Jackson Hole, Wymoning, but no one does it better than Bar T5. It’s a covered wagon ride, it’s a cookout, it’s a floorshow and it’s fun for kids and grown ups alike.

“Load ’em up and move ’em out” must have come from covered wagon trains, your transportation to dinner. Wild Indians lurk on the trail waiting to attack the pioneers (that’s us) as we rumble up the trail in our wagons. Lucky for us, the local mountain man scares them off with his shotgun. Sadly, the playacting terrified my littlest guy and no amount of cajoling could convince him that he wasn’t about to be scalped.

Dinner is your standard cook out fare; it’s fine and tasty and the service is great. The show stealer is the metal pot of homemade brownies at every table. 

The most surprising part of the night is that the dinner show and band are amazingly good. The Bar T5 band is crazy talented and the slapstick show is really a hoot. Volunteers are pulled from the audience and all of the children get a chance to participate.

jhchuckwagon3Hot Fiddle Player

The fiddle player plays “Devil Went Down to Georgia” like a younger, hotter version of Charlie Daniels. At one point he is playing his heart out while standing on one of the tables. He’s also a rodeo cowboy, that’s not part of the story, but how hot is that?

The kids got a chance to “drive” the wagons on the trip home. All of the cowboys and Indians pulled up next to us so we had a chance to pet their horses. The “Indians” tried their best to convince my son that they weren’t real, sadly they had already been too convincing. 

jhchuckwagon2Fun for Kids

The kids are still talking about their night at the Bar T5 and I’m still talking about the cowboy fiddle player. This dinner and show are a Jackson Hole must do.

There are two shows every night; I recommend the earlier one for families. Make reservations online ahead of time and arrive 30 minutes early, you don’t want to miss your wagon. 

Last but not least, tip your driver. No one is going to ask you for a tip or even hint at it (they’re that nice). But it’s appreciated and split between the entire staff. I gave our driver $40 as a thanks to the cooks, drivers and scary Indians. We’ve got more tips on tipping on a family vacation.

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Bar T5 hosted my children and me for dinner.