Life Coach Traveling Mom, Kamryn AdamsAfter traveling more than 500,000 flight miles with nearly 1,000 hotel nights, I earned a host of loyalty program points and perks. In the span of one year I made ten business trips to China, six to Germany, two to France, three to Brazil and one to Argentina.

In between those trips I had business travel to Florida, Massachusetts and California quite regularly.

I was thoroughly over the TSA, FAA and the IATA.  The only acronym I was remotely interested in hearing was TGIF.

After 15 years of working as a sales & marketing executive for a Fortune 50 company, I decided it was time to make a change. It was deemed an early mid-life crisis because at that time I was not yet 40 years old.


I dusted off the manuscript for my first novel, “Par for the Curse,” and a year later it was on the shelf at Barnes and Noble.

At that time I began a writing career that led me to Kim Orlando and TravelingMom. While promoting my first book, I spent countless hours talking to other women about how I got the courage to force change in my life. I helped women deal with the challenges of managing their home, work, social, and community identity.

For me, this time was full of personal satisfaction, emotional rewards and intellectual growth and development.  However, it was short on cash so I went back to work full-time.  I racked up the flight miles, hotel nights and drank really good wine with great sushi.  I padded my bank accounts, paid off my debts and developed a strategy to get back to the mid-life crisis that I so enjoyed.

Words on a Plane

AirplaneDuring the 17-hour flights to Shanghai I wrote my second book “When the Butterfly Falls.” I began crafting my career as a professional coach and counted the days until I could pursue my passion and integrate it with my purpose.

I have collected miles in the air and offered smiles in the boardroom.  I understand that feeling of duplicity…the one where you are missing your children but really happy for a night of quiet alone time.

So, I am back with my TravelingMom family to talk about it. All of it!  I’m back to my mid-life crisis and I could not be happier.

I’ll be writing about how to “Go and Grow” offering practical tips and travel advice and sustainable solutions to manage your life in the meantime.

I’m no longer traveling for weeks at a time but my book and speaking tours still give me great travel experiences to enjoy.  As a professional life coach and business consultant, I am excited and I hope to meet traveling moms from all over the globe.

Ask me questions, share your thoughts and let’s just love our lives, one travel experience at a time.