The Bachelor Juan Pablo

The Bacher, Juan Pablo, heads to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Bachelor, Juan Pablo has met the beautiful contestants, eliminated nine women and will be taking one lucky woman, Kat, to Salt Lake City, Utah. The lucky bachelorette will be taken by a private jet to an unknown location. The couple will arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they will participate in the ‘Electric Run,’ a nighttime 5K run.

Unfortunately for Juan and Kat, after they hit the ‘Electric Run,’ the couple will return to Los Angeles to the remaining women.  Had the couple stayed for a couple of days, they could have enjoyed some of the sites in Salt Lake City.

Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Check out three things activities they could have done/seen in Salt Lake City below:

Skiing – While The Bachelor was filmed months ago, the show is airing in the winter, which brings skiing to mind.  There are multiple places to ski in Utah, including Park City, Utah, a family friend place for people of all ages.

The Gallivan Center  – features a skating rink during the winter months, amphitheater for live performances during the summer months and 16 unique art pieces recreating a natural Utah theme.

Sundance Film Festival – Utah is famous for the Sundance Film Festival, held in January.  The event is star-studded and is where both dramatic and documentary films, shorts, New Frontier films, installations, performances, panel discussions, and dynamic music events happen.

As the remaining contestants dwindle week after week, Juan Pablo will travel to exotic locations.  Join us as we follow Juan Pablo on his journey.