I am a travel writer and my job is to report about obscure, sometimes dangerous locations.  I have a 5 month old and am a single mom.  I recently took an assignement in Africa and I am going to bring my baby with me.  I have been there several times before and feel prepared for the trip.  The problem is the flack I am getting form my family.  They are so angry with me for taking the job and the baby.  I want their support, not their judgment.

Wow, you are dealing with a really tough situation.  While I understand your desire for your family's support, the most likely way for you to achieve this, since you have been so up front to this point, will probably be to give them an hourly itinerary including where and by whom the baby will be taken car of.  Your family's judment and lack of support most likely has to do with their concern for both you and your five month old.  So first get clear in your own mind that you and your baby will be safe and how that will be achieved.  Then you can confidently reassure your family of your plan. 

Best wishes!