Riding a zip line through a tropical jungle. Paddling a kayak through a pristine inland waterway. Photographing bears in the Alaskan wilds (at a safe distance, of course). In increasing numbers, more of us are forgoing our “kick back and relax” vacations for adventure travel experiences like these. After all, after eleven months of cubicle-dwelling, daily routines or the same old same old, some of us need an adrenaline rush more than we need relaxation!

adventure travel

“I had to go to Antarctica to kayak?” Some adventure traveling – and picture – by Sherry Wernicke, Triathlon TMOM.

According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel is one of the fastest growing trends in the way we spend our vacation times. And if you think that hard-core adventure is just for the very young and the very fit, think again – ATTA statistics find that 53% of adventure travelers are female, and the average age is 48. The young and the old, the athlete and the coach potato –  we’re are all looking for that rush, whatever it might be. And we’ll gladly use our vacation time and budget to find it.

Our next Twitter party will be all about the rush of adventure travel. And the boundaries for that are as wide as the great outdoors! Adventure travel can be any tourist activity that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone. It could be as extreme as paragliding off a cliff, as calm as a cultural foodie tour of an area, as leisurely as a bicycle tour of an unfamiliar city. Whatever piques your interest and stirs your wanderlust!

And of course, TMOMs are all over this trend. A quick look at our posts will find us swimming with whale sharks, mining for diamonds in New York, headed to stunt school, checking out the Alaskan brown bear, and racing a marathon through the Holy Land. With adventures like these, our next Twitter party – all about adventure travel – is bound to be full of great adventure stories, the hottest tips, solid advice and a lot of laughing. So why not join us on this #TMOM adventure?

Cool off in the Devil's Pool during African safari.  Photo by Kymri Wilt, Photo TMOM

Cool off in the Devil’s Pool during African safari. Photo by Kymri Wilt, Photo TMOM

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