skinnydipperhikeEarly Spring: a dozen of my girlfriends and I went to my friend’s cabin near Crouch, Idaho.  Some of us never made it out of our pajamas the whole weekend.  A few of us went on hikes, ran, and exercised (mildly).  Most of us ate and drank way more than we should have.  I did two really fun things that I’ve never done before.  One with hot water, the other with a helmet.

The second best thing I did on this weekend (let’s set aside all of the cocktails and food for the time being), was go to Skinny Dipper Hot Springs.  It’s on the Banks-Lowman road (this means something to you?) and you really have to know where to park because there is no marker.  Listen up: there’s a reason why I’ve changed my moniker to “off the beaten path.”

We hiked straight up for about 15 minutes before we found these very hot, delicious springs of water.  Everyone was clothed.  Even us.  We were also sober, maybe that’s why.  See how much my friend gab?  That’s why I’m forced to speak to a camera…



If you are really interested in getting to this place, email me through Traveling Mom and I’ll let you in on this secret.

The best activity of the weekend was after everyone left, it was just me and Theresa.  Theresa and I took the 4 wheelers (ATVs — whatever you call them) and went straight up the mountain. I never understood that this was actually something you needed to get good at.  I wasn’t so good.  My ignition thumb started to ache.  I didn’t realize I was gripping the handles so hard until my hands started to go numb.  My fear was going off the cliff along this mountain road.  My mantra?  “I am not going to die today.”  I was right.

Theresa grew up on a ranch.  She knows how to barrel race and rope a steer. She also speaks Danish and has an MBA.  Did I mention she’s six feet tall?  Lots of respect for Theresa.

Here are some highlights from our little tour.


You have to be 16 years old to operate an ATV.  I don’t know that I need to do it again, but I’m sure glad I did it!  What’s next?

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