photo_aa_plane_wingletIf you travel with little kids and tend to bring a stroller on your flights, you may want to check the weight of your baby buggy before booking with American Airlines. The company issued a new rule effective –  this month –  that regulates their stroller allowance.

Beginning June 1st, “all strollers that are large, non-collapsible or over 20 lbs,” must be checked at the ticket counter. That cuts out most travel systems unless you have purchased one of the newer ones like Britax’s new B-Agile. If you travel with lighter weight strollers, no worries as the rule only applies to non-collapsible baby strollers weighing over the 20 lb mark. The lightweight, umbrella or collapsible strollers can be taken on board as long as it fits in the overhead bins and they are completely exempt from the regular carry-on allowance.

Personally, I think the new regulations are unrealistic. if you currently have a stroller that weighs more than American Airline’s requirement are you really supposed to carry your baby around the airport while waiting for your flight?

So what do you think of the new rules? Fair or not so much? If you have a baby will you think twice before traveling with American Airlines?