Secret Extensions

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Adventure travel usually conjures up images of bungee jumping, sky diving, swimming with sharks or eating bugs. For less adventuresome travelers like me, being adventurous can mean hair color or style change, getting a makeover or learning a new language.

Both types of adventure require courage and are in pursuit of the same outcome: change, thrill, adrenaline.  And yes, I  can get an adrenaline rush when I change my hair color or hairstyle!

That’s at least partly because I rarely change my hairstyle—so long as you don’t count pulling it up into a ponytail. I’ve got a lot of hair, a lot of curl and a style that works for me, so I stick to it.

Secret Extensions

Photo credit: Secret Extensions

But then I was invited to try hair extensions. While I already have plenty of hair, it seemed like a fun lark to get a whole new look without a permanent change. That’s the just the kind of thing you could on a vacation where no one knows you.


Add a little more hair and a whole new look and, depending on how the locals react to your new look and how much you like it, you can choose to keep up the new adventure when you get home, or go back your tried and true style.

Secret Extensions hair extensions are easy to use—it was basically like putting on a headband..  They come in lots of shades of high quality hair and it takes about 5 whole minutes to do–unless you need to curl the hair to match your own wave. Then you might need to add another 10 minutes.

SEcret Extensions

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom Founder

Vacations are a great time to try new things: black ink pasta, flamenco dance or a new hair style.