boxesOver the past few years, we have bucked tradition and had a non-traditional Thanksgiving.  One year, we even ate pizza straight out of the box.  We have spent the money on traveling instead of food expenses because, to us, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and spend quality time with the family.  I can’t think of a better way to spend quality time than traveling as a family.  

This year, we are looking forward to another non-traditional Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving will include traveling but it will also include packing boxes.  In a few days, we are loading up a moving truck with all of our belongings and we are driving 1500 miles from Pensacola, Florida to our new home in Denver, Colorado.  A job change and a desire for other changes prompted this move and while we are sad to say goodbye, we are excited to see what lies ahead of us. 

We are driving the 1500 miles over a four day period and will arrive in Denver just before Thanksgiving.  We will have a lot of work to do as we settle into the house that will become our home for the next year or two. 

I need to start calling restaurants to see who offers a take-out Thanksgiving.  For some reason, a big turkey with all the sides seems fitting.  I think a celebration of Thanksgiving for the things that have been given to us this past year is in order even if it is served off of a cardboard packing box. 


Or, maybe this year we will just eat pizza straight out of the box again. 

We will celebrate together and that is all that matters.

In the future, look for my dispatches as this Southern Traveling Mom heads West and explores our new home in Denver and learns how to shovel snow off the driveway.

Tell us about your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving event.  Did you travel?  Stay home and order out?

Jennifer Close is the founder and editor of Two Kids and a Map where she writes about family travel and Pensacola with Kids where she writes about exploring Pensacola.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.