1horseshoeBermuda once had a stuffy image, perhaps a result of its British heritage and obsession with men’s knee high socks. But the island is very family-friendly and perfect for a weekend, or longer, getaway.

1. Bermuda is Easily Accessible
First and foremost, for those of us on the East Coast is its accessibility. Just off the coast of North Carolina, the island is just a two-hour flight from New York City. You can leave in the morning and squeeze pink sand between your toes by lunch.

2. Getting Around Bermuda is Easy
Since visitors can’t rent cars, you can take taxis of the adorable pink buses. There is a cute color-coded system; at pink stops buses go into Hamilton, the main city, and blue, buses go from. An even better way to travel town to town is by public ferry.

3. The Sun Shines in Bermuda The gulf stream moderates temperatures here, so there is never frost (though you can’t swim in winter). Expect a bunch of 70 days with crystal blue skies.


4. The Pristine Beaches
Beaches are pristine, a coral reef ensures great snorkeling and water is gentle. In Southampton, next to the Fairmont Resort, the public beach is in a cove, protected by large rocks, so kids can swim.

5. Family-Friendly Attractions
Marine animal lovers can participate in the pricey, once-in-a-lifetime Dolphin Quest. Kids as young as 3 can have a dolphin encounter. And visitors are welcome to watch the proceedings free; you can see dolphins flip in the air, kiss their trainers and grab fish.

Watch kids in the water with dolphins:

Dolphin Quest is at the Royal Navy Dockyard, where the National Museum of Bermuda displays shipwreck artifacts, cannons and old currency. There are a couple of miniature houses filled with furniture, but they are for display only.

At the other end of the island, historic St. George offers a step back in time. The town, a World Heritage Site, has the island’s oldest buildings and a free historical re-enactment, but costumed interpreters, of the dunking of the Town gossip. You can also take a free guided tour of the town several mornings a week.

caveThe World Heritage Center has a children’s section, with dress up clothes and interactive displays. A children’s scavenger hunt engages kids to explore the museum and learn more about Bermuda.

6.  Kid-Friendly Food Options
Kids have to stay away from the Bermuda fish chowder and rum cake, both made with alcohol that isn’t cooked off. But codish cakes, made with mashed potatoes, are a kid pleaser, along with the mild local rockfish. At the Fairmont hotels, the Princess in Hamilton and the resort in Southampton, you can have afternoon tea with fresh scones, clotted cream and delicious pastries. The children’s tea includes fruit cup, decaf tea and a sandwich so you don’t have to worry about sugar overload.

7. Safe Cave Exploration
Spelunking is off my bucket list; I‘m too claustrophobic. But Crystal Caves has two caves that you can explore upright, with lights. They are fascinating – and safe.