meriah nichols_-20Since April, the course of our travel story has shifted dramatically. This is what happened:

We were in Baja, Mexico in March, 2014, looking for a whole new life as we traveled overland to Argentina. We wanted to find a place to start an Inn. We wanted our kids to be safe and happy and attending a good school. We wanted to live close to nature.

meriah nichols_-21But then we thought we lost a significant amount of money from an investment (we found out some months later though that we actually hadn’t). Our income was, for the foreseeable future, halved. We had to make some difficult choices – continue, and simply tighten our belts? Stop and work?

Right at that time, my brother bought a farm on the Lost Coast of California, an isolated and extremely rural area on the coast, about 2 hours from Eureka and Highway 101. He needed help.


We decided to give it a shot, and we turned around. Headed north again.

Finding a New Path, and Place

By following that unexpected travel opportunity, our lives changed. In the 6 months we were there, we found in the Lost Coast a place we’d like to be for the foreseeable future. The kids are attending the Best School Ever and we even get to live in a YURT. I mean, come on! How awesome is that?!

meriah nichols_-24With the farming season over, we packed up, took the kids out of school to “roadschool” and headed south once more.

The point of this trip is different. It’s for fun. It’s for education for the kids. It’s for raising some disability awareness, and even more, raising disability acceptance.

I think it’s important for other deaf women to see a mom who is deaf and traveling; important for families who have kids with disabilities to see our daughter Moxie (who has Down syndrome) gallivanting in Mexico, having a blast. It’s important to share these stories of those of who have disabilities, show that we can do live in alternative ways.

I have a hearing service dog this time. Her name is Kianna. She’s also part of the disability mission; really showing what a service dog can do, how they can be incredibly useful for more disabilities than just the blind.

meriah nichols_-14That’s our update in a nutshell.

So from here on out, I promise to keep you updated.