ChickenphillyThere is one thing we Missourians know how to do and that is EAT. I set out my mission to find UNIQUE eats in Southeast Missouri, of course, there was so many to choose from, and it was just so hard to choose!

Taste of the South in Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Broussard’s Cajun Cuisine– You think you need to head to south for good Cajun Eats. Wrong, just hit the streets of Cape Girardeau, MO and your find your Cajun home! Not only does the food set this place apart from anywhere else in Cape Girardeau, the atmosphere gives you that down in the south kind of feeling.

Broussard’s is not your suit and tie kind of place, although I am sure many suit and tie kind of folks eat there! Serving up mouthwatering gator, their famous foot long Po-Boy Sandwiches, and do not leave out their Broussard’s Burger….I have never left Broussard’s not feeling like I have over indulged myself, a true statement that they have some good food!  If you have been to Cape Girardeau, and not stopped in to sample Broussard’s you have missed out on some fine Cajun cuisine.

Broussard’s Cajun Cuisine is located at 120 N. Main St., Cape Girardeau, MO.


Onion Rings and Liver Dumplings in Ste Genevieve, Missouri
The Anvil Saloon & Restaurant on the streets of Ste Genevieve, MO known for having the most amazing onion rings, and berry pie around, has yet another surprising treat! Liver Dumplings, yep folks, you heard me Liver Dumplings, and I tried them…they are one of those things that you have to try to truly appreciate them!

Other delectable menu items include: the cod fish sandwich, sauerkraut, German friend potatoes, and my gal pal says their catfish earned her seal of approval. I must confess we walked away stuffed, and feeling pretty good! Besides the food, The Anvil’s building has a unique story behind it, built in 1850, has served as a hardware store, and became the Anvil Saloon in 1855. Inside you will find it unique, the food unique, and the staff exceptionally friendly!

The Anvil Saloon & Restaurant is located at 43 S Third St., Ste Genevieve, MO.


Dine at the Livestock Auction Barn in Patton, Missouri
bonniemoocow Bonnie’s Moo Cow Café in Patton, MO. When I first started talking about Bonnie’s Moo Cow Café and described its location to my friends….they nearly fell over!

“Becky, Why would you go eat at a Livestock Sale Barn” well you can’t knock it till you have tried it…and many have tried it! Bonnie’s Moo Cow Café is packed on the weekends for one reason and one reason only their GOOD food. Serving up some mouthwatering catfish, delicious cucumber salad, and my personal favorite their blackberry pie.

Bonnie’s Moo Cow Café is located at the intersection of 51 & 72 in Patton, MO….it is attached to the Patton Livestock Auction Barn.

melsdinerpuxicomo Mel’s Diner for Kid-Friendly American Fare
Mel’s Diner in Puxico, MO. You know those towns you are just passing through and pray you will find something decent to eat…like me have two starving kids, a growly husband, and still 2 hours from home. Yes this is how I found Mel’s Diner in Puxico Mo…just passing through.

Mel’s is an all-American Diner, in an all-American small town, and the moment you walk in you feel like you right at home. Friendly faces, good fried chicken, and some yummy pie….yep folks, these places do still exist! Mel’s Diner is located at 260 East Richardson in Puxico, MO .


Award Winning Ribs in Cape Girardeau, MO
pilothouse The Pilot House, Cape Girardeau, MO….from the backside of the Pilot House you may think you have drove up on some sort of garage. From the front side, it reminds you of one of those inner city liquor stores, with all the bars on the windows….DO NOT let looks deceive you!

Award winning ribs, twice baked potatoes that are more than worth those extra calories, and the only place in the world I have tasted a salad like theirs…smothered with their Famous Hot Bacon Dressing. Pilot House has one added treat that most places do not; very rustic outdoor seating….you might feel like you are sitting at a park in the middle of the woods!

The Pilot House is located at 3532 Perryville Road just at the edge of Cape Girardeau, MO.

Have an Adventurous Day
~Becky Davenport

Becky is the Missouri Traveling Mom, her blog site is Adventures Among Us. She not only shares a unique passion for traveling with her family, but traveling in Missouri. For more of Becky’s adventures find her on facebook Adventures Among Us, or follow her on Twitter @BeckyAdventure.