Enjoying Sparklers  Photo Credit: Becky Davenport

Enjoying Sparklers
Photo Credit: Becky Davenport

Happy Independence Day, what a wonderful time of year, as we celebrate our freedom, remember those who have served to protect our freedom, and enjoy some fireworks.
Celebrating is marvelous, but like any other holiday (or day of the year) we must remember to be safe, so we can truly enjoy our day, whether we are celebrating at home or while traveling.

Be Safe with Those Fireworks

The last thing you or anyone else wants to do this holiday weekend is spend the night in the emergency room. Take all precautions with all fireworks, do not let kids light or use fireworks on their own, and make sure you are setting them off in a safe environment. (Check out his awesome DIY safety tip for sparklers.)

The National Council on Fireworks Safety shares some great tips to keep you safe.


Food Goes Bad

Be cautious of eating or allowing your kids to eat food that has been left out all day at the family BBQ. Make sure to refrigerate food promptly and dispose of any food that has been left out too long.

Be Alert at the Independence Day Parade

We all love candy, we all get excited, but be alert and keep track of your children at the parade – accidents do happen.

The Sun Seems to Shine Brighter on the 4th of July

I am not sure that is true, but we do tend to spend more time outside and sunburns can happen. Remember your sunscreen, apply it and reapply it often.

Drink Responsibly

Cocktails and adult beverages are great among friends, but the minute you leave that party and get behind the wheel of a car you put other’s lives in danger – be responsible and hand over the keys.

Drive Carefully

People will be traveling and celebrating – this is a busy weekend when you hit the road. Use caution, know your vehicle, and be safe as you hit the road.

Here is to you having a safe and wonderful Independence, what do you do to keep your family safe this Independence Day?