Can’t seem to relax on vacation without your tech gadgets? Yet are you concerned about getting water, sand or dirt in your devices? Allow your worries to be carried out with the tide this summer, with five new tech gadgets on the market that can go straight from work to the beach or to the mountains. Designed with durability and easy access in mind, you may be the envy of others vacationing with you!

Tech Gadgets for Beach or Mountain Fun

Braven, Polaroid, iPod, Apple Products

Photo Credit: Eden Pontz / Discovery TravelingMom

Created with strong housing covers (keeping the sand and water at bay), Braven offers a series of portable, wireless speakers/mobile devices that you can carry with one hand, yet offer enough sound to fill large outdoor environments (like a beach party).

Connecting via Bluetooth technology, the BRV-PRO has a 15-hour playtime, and the option of mobile mini-solar panel chargers as an alternative way to re-charge batteries if you’re outside. The BRV-PRO is certified waterproof, and could easily fit into a backpack to take along camping. Just launched, the BRV-PRO retails for $149.99 and can be found at REI and AT&T stores nationwide.

Forget the office and head to the pool with a speaker that also provides big sound in a small, waterproof package. The Monster Backfloat speaker floats in water, while literally putting on a water show using vibrations from the music to send spurts into the air. The speaker’s official handlers at CE Week New York happily bragged it has audiophile quality and angle drivers for sound (they tossed it into a small pool of water and had it play in front of us) and also noted it’s compact enough to fit in a pocket or a beach bag. Made to be dunked, it’s got an integrated speakerphone and Bluetooth range of 30 feet.


Photo Credit: Eden Pontz / Discovery TravelingMom

For Cruisin’

Whether out on a beach cruiser or a mountain bike, the Koomus BikeGo 2 Smartphone mount allows riders a safe place for phones while out on the trail. Holding devices (phones, iPods, GPS) up to 3.5 inches, you’ll be able to keep easy track of them while riding. And, while safety dictates that you should keep your eyes on the road, if you want to use your phone’s camera functions to catch the action, the mount has a tilt and rotation adjustment of 360 degrees and allows for both portrait and landscape views. If the bike falls, a safety pin attached to the device gives extra security.

Erica Kommer, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Jam Wireless Audio, says one of the main company goals is to make wireless products accessible to the masses and part of that means making sure their products are affordable to the masses as well.

The Jam Transit Mini-ear buds start at $39.99 and more sophisticated running buds called the Transit Micro Sport Wireless Earbuds (that come housed in a sports bottle) are $79.99. They offer up to 10 hours of playtime, cord control, a reflective cord for safety as well as a “safe surround” feature that allows the user to turn one side off to hear the road. A magnetic feature turns them off when not in use and Bluetooth and other controls are found on the band itself. These sweat resistant ear buds are ridged so they stay in your ears and they come with multiple size choices and ear hooks.

Print Pics in Your Palm

Samsung Galaxy, iPhone

Photo Credit: Eden Pontz / Discovery TravelingMom

What’s old is new (and cool) again! Polaroid’s tiny Cube cameras, out since last year, have been upgraded for 2015 and the newest Cube, called the Cube+, is geared to the “lifestyle and action video” market.

While still tiny, it’s got wireless functions. By downloading apps with the camera you can see what it sees and more effectively control your pictures as your smartphone becomes an instant monitor. It’s got apps for live streaming video, editing and printing the pictures.

Out in a fun array of bold colors, the Cube+ is water resistant and accessories include a waterproof case as well as helmet and tripod mounts to catch its 124-degree viewing angle.

But perhaps the biggest (or should I say smallest) hoot is the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer—a mini-printer that spits out a 2×3 colored print in under a minute. The paper ends up costing approximately 50 cents per sheet (although less if you buy larger quantities), and it has a peel-back option if you want stick it onto things, like magnets for example.

It’s a chance to return to the concept of snapping choice pics as opposed to shooting as many as you want. The charge on the printer should last for about 25 prints. Out in August, they can be found in Target stores.