iphone5I am all about making things easier, and technology has certainly made traveling easier on both leisure and business travelers.  Not only are the devices portable and easy to travel with, there are also some apps that are great for before and during your vacation.   Here are my five favorite travel apps:

Kayak for iPad/iPhone

This 2011 Webby People’s Voice Winner for Best Mobile Travel Offering lets you view and book hotels and flights in an simple and easy to use interface.  There are two versions – the free version has adds while the premium version is ad free.  I have this on both my iPhone and iPad and use it all of the time!

TripIt Travel Organizer

I’m obsessed with TripIt!  I have the premium, paid membership, and it organizes my travel plans, keeps track of my flight status, texts me updates, and shows all of my frequent flier programs.  Even if you don’t pay for the premium membership, the basic, free service is still worth having.

Gas Buddy

Are you road tripping?  The Gas Buddy app will help you find the cheapest gas around, wherever you are!  Often the gas prices quoted are for cash purchases – so keep that in mind, but it’ll still give you a good indication of the closest good deal.

National Parks Maps HD

If you are traveling to one of the fifteen top US National Parks, you’ll love this app from National Geographic that includes trail maps.

Visual Travel Checklist

If you, like me, love to make checklists to make sure you haven’t forgotten to pack or do anything, this app is for you.  It includes tasks, like exchanging currency, and packing lists.  As the name suggests, this is a heavily visual app – making it easier to follow than a standard checklist.

What are your favorite iPhone apps for travel?