How to staycation in styleSometimes, as much as we’d like to get away there are obstacles that prevent us from going beyond our own backyard.  So that means the family vacation will be a family staycation. With a little creativity you can create a wonderful experience for your family and kids of any age right at home!  Taking a little time to plan ahead is key, just like any well planned family vacation.

1. Get Crafty. What kid doesn’t like creating  their own masterpiece?  Visit the library and check out some craft books.   There are also great online sources such as that offer wonderful ideas and inspiration.  Take a trip to the craft store to get your supplies and while there, don’t forget to check out the dollar bin for some additional ideas.

2. Cook together. My kids love getting in the kitchen to cook and bake.  On that trip to the library for your craft books you can pick out some recipe books or you can venture online together to find something new to try.

3. Order Take Out. Remember, this is vacation after all.  You want it to feel special.  You may even want to let the kids take turns picking the menu.  Or if you are really up for an adventure, create a theme night around your food choice and create table settings and crafts to go with your theme.

4. Have an indoor picnic. Whether it is your usual peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or with the take out from above,  spread out a blanket on the living room floor and have a picnic.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside and you can avoid any unwanted buggy visitors as well.

family_picnic5. Have a movie marathon.  Everyone gets to pick out a movie they’d like to watch and you spend the day lying around and relaxing.

6. Have a pajama day!  Nobody gets dressed all day long.  You can combine this with #5 for an extra great day.

7. Put on a talent show.  My kids love to put together some goofy “plays” that they have come up with.  Usually they are complete with costumes from the dress up bin and props.  However, we’ve also had them showcase their particular talents that they work on individually.  My oldest will play songs on his saxophone, my middle one will show us some kata’s he has learned at karate, and my daughter will show us her dance routines.  Mom and dad can get in on it too!

8. Camp indoors!  Whether you just pull out the sleeping bags and sleep on the family room floor or go all out like we do and set up the tent in our basement, it is fun to switch things up a bit!  Make s’mores in the microwave, tell stories by flashlight, anything that reminds you of a great campout.

9. Head outside for some good silly fun.  Buy some cans of silly string at the dollar store and let the kids go wild.  Afterwards, have a water gun fight to hose off the silly string.

10. Have a good old fashioned game night. We love to pull out the board games and engage in a little friendly competition.  Sometimes we play individually, and other times we team up.  We like to switch up the teams each time we play.  We’ve also enjoyed teaching the kids card games and have been known to play poker for M&Ms.

Beth Keklak loves having adventures with her husband and three kids in the backyard and beyond.  Find her at Life in the BAT Cave where she blogs about her kids, life as a mom and everything in between all while trying to avoid the housework and cooking.