family airportDo you ever sneak the family onto a work trip? Are you always checking your email or texting on your phone with the office or coworkers – even on a family trip? Have you ever tried to work on an airline flight? We joined together for our weekly Twitter party on Monday November 12th and explored the nuances of the “workation”.For many of our bloggers the Twitter party itself was a form of “workation-ing” as it came on the heels of the Family Travel Conference, a collaboration of TravelingMom, TakingtheKids, FamilyTravelForum and Travel Media Showcase and most of us were in the process of traveling back from Texas to all the places we call home.

Is it better to bring the kids on a work trip or not? Why?

@mom4everandever I need to concentrate on job, not watch the kids.

@CindyRichards If it’s travel writing work I bring them.


@FamilyTravelSrc Depends on the work but if there’s time to explore I say yes.

@go2kauai I wouldn’t. That’s my only time away from the kids!

@JodiGrundig Workcations work great for a family travel reviewer – it’s easy to see if the kids will like the destination!

@familytravel4um Depends on the boss & if spouse is around. Some kids are more needy.

What’s the biggest challenge to a workation?

@familytrips Finding time to play. Avoiding disappointment.

@WanderingTastes Workcation = oxymoron.

@kidsonaplane Learning when to stop working and when to start playing 🙂

@SandraFoyt Hard to shut down “work” regardless of kind of trip, but that’s because it’s impossible to shut down creative impulse.

@tibstravel Workcation challenge like home office challenge: is mom ALWAYS accessible?

@graceduffy Getting your kids to understand that you’re working, even if it *looks* like your just having fun!

@TeresaShaw Working when you just want to play!

@SheBuysCars Biggest challenge of taking kids on biz trip: Entertaining them while you’re working. Good sitter or friends can be key!

What do you look for in a hotel when your family comes on a business trip?

@pimpmytrip Locked minibar.

@erodg When family comes on a biz trip hotel must have pool. And croissants.

@graceduffy Access to good public transportation is so key, so we’re not always relying on cabs/car seats.

@TeresaShaw Kid-friendly hotel w/ enough to do during the day that husband doesn’t have to go off site w/ the kids if he doesn’t want to.

@kidsonaplane Family friendly activities nearby, free breakfast, pool, shuttle to airport.

At what age can kids stay alone in a hotel room? Why?

@familytravel4um Most states have laws about alone at home 12 years old.

@tibstravel Tricky proposition. How far away is mom?

@BeckyAdventure That is hard! Never is my gut instinct.

@mummadear Rules need to be set WAY before you’re at your destination.

@graceduffy I’ll tell you when my kids get there. I can tell you it’s not now 🙂

Do you tell your boss when the kids are coming on a work trip?

@kimorlando Why would it even come up if you brought your kids on a business trip?

@familytravel4um Absolutely, honesty best and nothing to be ashamed of.

@judy511 Yes- he’s paying.

@SheBuysCars Days of hiding our families are over, being with them is more important than ever.

Share your tips for staying productive when you bring your family on a work trip.

@JoanieAtwater I get to bring my hubby. 🙂

@kimorlando Make sure kids have a plan for the day so they don’t bounce off the walls in the room.

@ElenaSonnino I work at night after my daughter is in bed or wake up early in the am.

@StressFreeBaby Designated work hours and working ahead.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviations that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard!