galena200Facebook may be a great way to connect with people, but it’s also a fantastic tool for travel. At our September 10 Monday Night Twitter Party, we talked how we use Facebook to share our vacation photos, check in at new places on the road and search for fun things to do wherever we are.
We also discussed the safety concerns we have with using Facebook while traveling. 

How do you use Facebook when you travel?

@maryheston: I use FB the same everyday – I love promoting the people I meet and the places I go – no matter where that is.

@marilola33: I share my pictures


@dfalln1: I use my mobile and share photos, status and check ins.

@mom4everandever: Love finding out the odd things about towns too- smaller events, special events for kids, etc.

@mimitravelz: I promote destinations and PR peeps’ clients who assisted me.

How do you deal with fears about safety when using Facebook for travel?

@DebMomOf3: Is a worry, but don’t post my real last name on public FB or Twitter to help keep safer. Plus don’t post location info near home.

@cmayanderson: I guess its not good to let people know you’re away from home. Maybe post when you get back

@dfalln1: I keep my Facebook private to just family.

@mimitravelz: I avoid personal info. Still, safety is a concern for me. I worry about posting pix of my kids

@mom4everandever: I do not post where I am ever for privacy- and I do many business trips- safety for my kids, safety for me where ever I am.

Do you use destinations’ Facebook pages for research when planning your trip? How?

@mom4everandever: Yes, I go look for Facebook pages and events.

@DebMomOf3: Absolutely – to check out what they’re posting, how are interacting with folks and love to see photos of where we’ll be!

@cmayanderson: I don’t even know what it is! Sad!

@BeckyAdventure: Yes and for DEALS.

How do you use Facebook to let destination know things went really well? Or really bad? Do you usually get a response?

@DebMomOf3: Love to tag them when posting photos on FB and often do get response from them on the photo or they’ll share it.

@cmayanderson: I tell everything! The good, the bad, the ugly. I’m a Facebook addict.

@travelermom:  Fortunately I’ve never had to do that.

@dfalln1: I do usually leave comments so that hotels etc are aware of good or bad.

@mom4everandever: Send an email or post a comment when something was wonderful.

What are your favorite apps to post updates/photos to #FB from your smartphone or tablet on the go?

@allierose: I do love to look at YELP for restaurant reviews and fun local places to try.

@travelermom:  Instagram is my favorite for updating FB & Twitter.

@DebMomOf3: Love to use Instagram and share photos straight to #FB Flickr and Twitter as I’m posting them there. 

@kimorlando: FB apps to have: Instagram, TripIt and Foursquare.

How do you handle privacy concerns when sharing/tagging photos of other people on FB?

@dfalln1: I don’t tag anyone, my family and friends are welcome to tag themselves, but it is THEIR decision.

@allierose: I don’t tag people in photos.

@rkosully: I don’t tag anybody without receiving permission first!

Along with our usual Twitter chat, during this party we were also broadcasting live on Spreecast with both TravelingMom founder, Kim Orlando and guest panelist Melanie Nelson, author of Facebook All-in-One for Dummies. You can watch the recording over at Spreecast or in the widget below: