dog and catPets deserve a vacation just as much as we do. But just like traveling with kids, we need to keep their needs in mind. Our July 23 Monday Night Twitter Party was devoted to talking about traveling with pets.Traveling mom and dad tweeters shared their funniest pet travel stories and if they stick to a kennel or sitter while they’re away. If you’ve never traveled with your pet, you’re in luck because our moms also gave their favorite pet-friendly destinations, what to pack for your furry friends, and what they look for in a destination.

Have you left your pets home when you travel? Kennel or sitter? How’d it go?

@mellanhead: I leave them with sitter. It went fine. They love my mom.

@TamaraBenningto: Too afraid to leave our dog at a kennel for fear he will think he was abandoned.

@blondefabulous: We have a pet sitter. Strange places make our furry friends stressed.

@DevonaDianaFrye: Our dog Dino always goes with us wherever we travel. We travel by car and he loves it!

@DebMomOf3: Left dog and 2 cats home with house sitter this am while we head out on vacay. Excited but nervous, hopefully will go well at home!

What pets have you taken on vacay? Was it fun? Would you do it again?

@maryheston: We have our pooches crate trained, and they go in the crates in back of the car – they LOVE traveling. Lots of potty and water breaks.

@mellanhead: We took our dog to a family reunion. She had a blast.

@judy511: Took kitten skiing. Kids loved it, Cat was quite agile on skis

@blondefabulous: My 1st husband and I took a puppy with us on a vacay, and it was awful for both us and him. Pet sitters from then on.

@melinda74:  Took Sugar on an all day trip. Went well packed a doggie diaper bag. We had a blast.

@sweetmatcha:: Took dog on shopping road trip.

What do you look for in a pet-friendly hotel or destination?

@TamaraBenningto: Forsure a freendly staff and one that doesn’t have too many other pets they r looking after too

@melinda74: Also look for a comfy place for Sugar so he feels at home.

@rkosully: Good reviews–bloggers know.

@abbebrown: I would look for activities as well as pet sitting for them 🙂

@mom4everandever: Cleanliness, fees, does it smell, check out online reputation and sometimes go as far as check inspection records and fines.

What do you pack for your pets when traveling with them?

@mummadear: Their favorite toys, and blankey

@LizTicona: Food/snacks, water, toys, meds (he gets ear infections sometimes), his vet papers of recent shots.

@blondefabulous: Bed, bowls, food, toys. The big 4! 

@dfalln1: A kennel, food, dishes, trains pads, and a few toys.

@DebMomOf3: Definitely have to take at least one of our dog’s squeaky tennis balls – she’s obsessed w/ them, like a security blanket, lol!

Share your funniest animal travel story.

@ktandbri:  Our dog Jellybean is afraid of overpasses, when you drive underneath one she ducks her head.

@DevonaDianaFrye: Our little Mini Pin loves water, but when he saw the ocean for the first time, he was scared!

@CraysMom: My dog dug up a sand crab and it latched onto her ear. She didn’t cry but it was funny after the fact.

@sweetmatcha: She got drunk, ate sandwiches that had beer on it, couldn’t walk and pee the next day!

@melinda74: When traveling and it storms I have a maltipoo in my lap until storm stops.

What are your favorite pet friendly destinations? Why?

@DevonaDianaFrye: Myrtle Beach is very pet friendly. They allow the pets on the beach at certain times.

@melinda74: Sandpiper beacon Panama City Beach. Ocean front location.

@dreamfishing: Anywhere with lots of room to run!

@sweetmatcha: Central Park! She goes nuts there and so much free space!

@TamaraBenningto: Barktoberfest here in Pensacola,FL big event dogs dress up lots of sponsors freebies too.

@mom4everandever: Friends’ ranch- they love animals and the animals love hanging around there.

@slstaffo: San Diego and San Fran!

@LizTicona: Parks and his groomer has “dog farm days” where he can run and play in a farm land. It’s great.