loading the carTraveling with kids and teens is always an adventure no matter where you’re headed. Between the great memories, seeing kids experience something new or feeling like a kid again, our tweeters love trips with teens and kids. That’s exactly why we talked all about it at our June 18 Monday Night Twitter Party. Besides what we love, we shared what the kids like best about travel, our favorite hotel amenities for kids, and what we did as kids that we’re still doing.

What do you do on vacation with your family that you did as a kid?

?@melinda74: Order pizza

@CarmelLeeMooney: Play MadLibs and travel games. Last week my 13 y o went to Tahoe for her 13th birthday just like I did, and we played the same songs I did.


@sunrae17: Go camping

@swhitaker99: Pack lots of snacks in the ice chest, just like my mom used to.

@rkosully: Try to find out something that only the locals know!

What was your must have item when you traveled as a kid?

@LuxuryTravelMom: Winnie the Pooh went everywhere with me, so did my pillow. I still have the pillow. It’s kind of gross.

@AFrugalFriend: Nightlight 😉

@judy511: A book. Still is.

@kimorlando: Barbies. I know.

@sunrae17: Swimsuit!

What is the best thing about going on vacation on kids and teens?

?@carnivalfanatic: Giving them the experience of different places/cultures

@neiddy_ruiz: I Enjoy the ride, funny things always happened along the way

?@buzzmommy: My son even found joy in a thunderstorm at Disney World. Kids appreciate the little things.

@thecatholiccoup Photos – someone once said do u have photos in your house of u at work or u on vacay?

?@kjmaje: The best thing is that it makes me feel like a kid again!

What do your kids and teens like to do on vacation?

@rafdarrow: My teens like adventure vacation. Hiking, ropes course, zip line… We’re going back to Smokey Mountains this year. 1 went to Yosemite.

?@carnivalfanatic: My kids love swimming pool/beach, bicycling and picnicing in the park

?@maryheston: My boys like to go places where there are go carts or other driving type activities

?@CiaoMom: My 7 1/2 year old loves to explore hands on museums & go out for breakfast on vacation.

?@dfalln1: Watch movies while traveling.

What’s the best amenity offered by a hotel to kids and teens?

?@allierose: Only seen treats and coloring books.

?@dreamfishing: One place in MO even had an elf at Christmas that tucks them in with hot choc and reads a story.

@tvdeegan: Not much can top trapeze for my kids as kids club option.

?@GratefulHoops: Kid’s clubs are awesome!

@SCasesandSCups: Milk and cookies at bedtime

What activities should hotels offer kids and teens?

@abbebrown: They should offer clubs and fun activities just for them.

?@judy511: Bikes, tennis, mini golf.

@DebMomOf3: Pools with slides, spray stuff, floaties, etc. Pool area for toddlers/non-swimmers. Behind scenes tours would be fun too.

?@GeekDad248: Menu for picky eaters would be a good start!