babyTraveling with a baby can be filled with cute photos, funny stories and great memories. But it is also filled with inopportune times of throwing up and stinky diapers. At our October 22 Monday Night Twitter Party, our tweeters shared how travel has changed since they had a baby including much more planning and even more luggage. During the party, we debated if it’s better to fly or drive with a baby, where we find babysitters while traveling and shared our must have baby item for a smooth journey.

Did your travel change after you had a baby? How?

@PatterTravelers: More luggage, but other than that, nope!

@judy511: Carry on was no longer an option.

@kimorlando: Yes, I morphed into a pack mule.

@marilola33: YES, I am def more organized.

@Lieut_Crunch27: In every way possible haha.. packing has increase two fold.

@nat5732: Trips on a whim just don’t happen anymore – lots to plan and pack when traveling with kids.

What is/was your must carry baby gear?

@mummadear: Diaper bag, pack and play.

@kimorlando: Herbal tea, book (wishful thinking) Teething toys.

@cammiLH: Stroller, bag of necessities, car seat, snacks, bottles, blankets, diapers, extra clothes…

@KSLmommy: Never leave the house without my Moby.

@catholicfanatic: A baby carrier!!

Share your funniest or scariest baby travel story.

?@phillycouponmom: When we went to Disney, my 2 and 3 year old rolled their own suitcases through the airport, so funny.

@PhyliciaSP: Airplanes that have no changing table! :-/ explains itself lol

@nat5732: My 20 month old left our condo…we were running the halls…Found him in elevator

@CarissaRogers: The trip my little boy screamed the whole night in a hotel. We turned around and had a ‘STAY-cation’ that year!

@suerodman: Our son barfed all over the car seat 1 hr. into a 7 hr ride. Or -when hubs said we didn’t need a stroller 4 the 3yr old at Disney.

Do you hire babysitters when you travel? How do you get them?

@PatterTravelers: A lot of hotels have a service they refer to

@lillykitty123: We took our nanny to Aruba soo worth it! She watched our daughter during naps and we went out for dinner etc!

@catholicfanatic: I have never hired a babysitter when traveling, I bring grandparents 😉

@cmayanderson: Nope. Babies go where mama goes.

@Mollydoo2: I do sometimes, when I go shopping, or when I want a evening out with hubby, yes, hiring a baby sitter is ok.

Fly or drive with a baby? Why?

@judy511: Both – and train.

@SweetmatchaJail: Fly!! More space to distract baby.

@cammiLH: Guess it depends on how far..I found with driving, its easier to ride in back with baby.

@myfroject: Driving also makes potty stop a lot easier and stress free compared to flying lots of “evil eyes” LOL.

@bigtony76: Drive- I feel it’s easier plus you’ve always got what you need on hand and can stop if needed.

Tell me the best place you’ve been thrown up on by a baby. What happened?

@lillykitty123: Pulling into the parking spot at our beach house rental thinking “we made it!!” then BARF!!!

@bigtony76: I was thrown up on in Cosmic Rays in Disney world. We sat down, my son said he had a tummy ache and boom! All over my lap!

@judy511: Worst – my mouth?

@jsbeewitu: Everywhere and anywhere.

@1girl2boys: My then 4 year old daughter projectile barfed Hardee’s & sugary green bug juice in the car on road trip to Duluth.

@mummadear: Wedding– had to leave, change and go was that bad.