trail mixTravel snacks are sometimes just as memorable and important as the big meals we have on our vacations. We talked about our travel snacking habits at our July 9 Monday Night Twitter Party.We shared the best travel snacks, our favorite guilty pleasure, and how we attempt to keep the car clean during road trips. We discovered that most of our moms would rather order room service than think of cooking on vacation and even dared to ask how much weight was gained on the last trip.

What’s the best travel snack?

@danitapia88: A homemade fruit salad : watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber and mango – yummy

@ktandbri: We love single serve items like fruit snacks!


@ninjalyons: Home made chex mix!!! Mmmmmm so yummy.

@Gods_Smile: The best travel snack trail mix or some salted nuts (all kinds).

@go2kauai: Cheese, fruits, crackers, pb & j sandwiches, popcorn, goldfish.

@kjmaje: Goldfish, pretzels, dried fruit.

What unhealthy travel snack do you allow your kids to have when on a trip?

@n210ss: Guilty of potato chips!

@BeckyAdventure: MnM’s & sour gummies

@AmySchmelzer: Store bought cookies

@DesMoinesDealin:  Milkshakes!

@allierose: Son loves sour cream potato chips!

@maryheston: Whatever you do – don’t let a small kid drink an oversize Strawberry Milk on a hot road trip

What’s your secret for keeping the car clean on a road trip?

@allierose: Small trash bag, throwing out trash at stops.

@FirstClassKris:  I keep Wet Wipes (even 4 myself) in my car!

@StressFreeBaby: Unload your garbage at every stop.

@BeckyAdventure: When you get out of the car pick up 3 things!

?@maryheston: We just toss an entire roll of paper towels in the back at the beginning of the trip – we have never NOT used them

What do you “cook” in a hotel room?

@OrganizedCook:  We travel with our own spices in a travel pack.

But mostly there’s little thought of cooking on vacation…

@Monique_Rubin: I “cook” up room service. Maybe

@ninjalyons: Does coffee count?

@CindyRichards: My specialty: Microwaved last night’s leftovers

@LuxuryTravelMom: Take out.

@chaotic_barb: 2 words: Room service.

What’s your family’s favorite thing to eat and drink in the car?

@St4ceyNicole: SLUSHIES!! Yum! It’s a tradition.

@ColoradoMom: Capri Sun and fruit snacks. Even the grownups love it!

@go2kauai: Fries favorite food and water!

@LLLSummer: A combo of sweet and salty things.

@mellanhead: Water for the kids and coffee for mommy.

@StressFreeBaby: Dairy Queen blizzards. It’s another road trip thing.

How much weight did you gain on your last trip?

@go2kauai: Diet before and after but not during vacation!

@Gods_Smile: OMG I gained 5 pounds!! So not cool for me! 

@thegeekwife: I only gained 3.5 lbs on a 10 day trip. I exercised every day. That is the key to not gaining weight on a vacay.

@rkosully: Fortunately we get lots of exercise on vacation, so zero added pounds!

@DebMomOf3: None, but our trips are usually short. We’ll see after 3 wks in NC and FL – probably won’t want to know, lol