hikersWherever you’re going, a great way to travel is to try to travel like a local. Traveling like a local allows you to skip the more touristy places and get an inside peek into what life is actually like living there. Our tweeters shared local tips from their own towns at our October 1 Monday Night Twitter Party.

We also talked about where we find the best local information, what we want to know, and where the best shopping is in our own areas.

Where are the best places to eat with kids (all ages) in your town or a town you love?


@mellanhead: Duff’s for wings, La Castelana for Chicken Parm

@mom4everandever: just little finders- I like finding the farmers markets and such in towns.

@momUNblogger: In DC (about 10 minutes from me), my son LOVES to go to District of Pi. Chicago-style pizza in a trendy place.

@4hatsandfrugal: Harold’s Deli is the best place for kids in our town. Giant corned beef sammies and oversized cheesecake!

?@redfuzzycow: PJ’s pancake house in Princeton, NJ is great for kids!

Name the most pet-friendly places that you have been and why they are great.

@momUNblogger: Just about everywhere in Old Town Alexandria, VA is pet-friendly. I bring my dog everywhere!

@bayou_dreamz: Germany –they seem to be ok with bringing your dog even restaurants well some.

@beehivecabin: Pet friendly? Pocahontas, Arkansas. People really love animals around here.

@redfuzzycow: A lot of bars in park slope, Brooklyn (like the gate) are dog-friendly.

@maryheston: Of course you know I adore Toronto during WoofStock.

What kind of local info do you need when you travel? Where do you get it?

@momvacations: Ask a cop about local diner; ask waiter about good restaurants.

@rockstarmomlv: Local bloggers!!

@familytrips: I stop parents on the street for playground / run-around place ideas.

@6anderson1world: @TripAdvisor is our best friend! 

@mom4everandever: Have gotten great advice about safe running areas from front desks too.

@TammySigond: I always check diners Drive Ins, Diners & Dives to see where they been in town I’m going 2 have had great success.

Where is the best place to shop in your town or a town you love? Groceries, clothes, shoes-bring it!

@judy511: Chinatown – great ethnic food, souvenirs, cheap shoes.

@marilola33: At the border mall in San Diego, so cheap and lots of shops.

@CreateWithJoy1: I love shopping in the historic parts of town – you find really cool shops there!

@momUNblogger: I love going to Tysons Corner in McLean, VA. It’s huge and has everything. Pretty upscale

@redfuzzycow: Georgetown in DC is great for shopping! not for groceries though LOL I gotta grocery shop online.

What tip can you share about your town or one you know well that only a local would know?

@momUNblogger: Local dish on DC: You have to see the Einstein statue! You can sit in his lap and look at his star map.

@VeraSweeney: The GC Hotel is a beautiful, luxury hotel in our town…right by the train 40 min into NYC. 20 min from the beach, too!

@redfuzzycow: There’s a secret entrance in Georgetown to a trail that leads you to the national mall in DC 🙂

@kimorlando: A local tip about my dad’s town in KY is better to rent your pontoon or houseboat at Holmes Bend. Cheaper Cleaner.

@maryheston: Route of the Hiawatha is accessible to all ages and a completely unique experience.

@according2kelly: Food Truck meet-ups are amazing! Check one out in #OC if you get the chance!

What is the most entertaining local attraction you have been to? Why was it great?

@cammiLH: I also thought the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta was cool!

@swtthing3: Apple Festival in Wilkesboro, NC. They let festival goers help them make their apple butter!

@myfroject: I also loved blue grass music back in Asheville – lots of fun.

@miasinc: The Easter Parades in the French Quarter, my kids got trash bag full of goodies and the hats are beautiful.

@kimorlando: Another local gem that I LOVE is the Talk Story night at Mauna Lani Hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii.