giftWe gathered on November 26th for a chat chock full of gadgetry. We covered our travel gifts we covet. We talked smartphones, cameras, GPS, and dream luggage. We dreamed of chaffeurs and private jets and we had a few laughs.

What’s your favorite travel gadget? Why?

@CathyCanton A battery backup charger with multiple adapters.

@ChaCha572 My smart phone can do it all – GPS, road trip music, take photos, and be an alarm!


@CindyRichards My fave travel gadget isn’t a travel gadget. It’s a power strip.

What is your kids favorite travel gadget? Why?

@mommytravels The dvd/tv in my mini van. I don’t know how they could stand the drives otherwise.

@ionmyadventures My daughter just sold her DS after many yrs of fun, now she’s into her iphone.

@ihopeudancealot Kids love the portable DVD and travel neck pillow.

What travel gadget could you do without? Why?

@sweepinit The GPS on our dashboard. It doesn’t always give us the fastest route.

@monlor Hmm…I’d have to say those crazy neck pillows. My mom loves hers and always wants to loan me hers. They annoy me!

@erodg TRAVEL GADGET I COULD DO WITHOUT? Non neatly-wrapped ear phones? Why has no one solved this problem?

@thienkim I try to travel as light as possible-but for kids, no toys with little pieces.

@kymri Those little sewing kits right, like I’m gonna actually stitch something while traveling…never do at home!

If money was no object what travel gadget would you buy today? Why?

@kymri Annual lounge passes for every airline.

@SueRodman I’d like a personal photographer, then I can have the photos AND not worry about taking them.

@TibsTravel Does a chauffeur to take me to the airport count as a money-no-object travel gadget?

@thegeekwife A fully customized, does everything including talk to you, Crimson Red Volvo with cream colored interior.

@katiesheaddesign A fully loaded Luxury Camper.

What travel gadget do you wish someone would invent? Why?

@cafeyak Some kind of weather gadget – I always need to know what everyone should be wearing.

@adamsommer Airplanes without economy class! Love flying business, hate economy.

@allierose An automated packing device that I can blink and the suitcase is neatly packed!

@travelermom A self cleaning car.

@katiesheaddesignVacation Packers & Unpackers in some form. Disposable Vacation Clothing Thats it!!

@funhippo3 A robot driver so I can chill the whole time.

@judy511 Freeze dried martini.

What gadget do you want to be surprised with this year?

@maryheston Maybe an armband for my SmartPhone – I don’t run but I think it would be cool to look like I might.

@ramblingstump As lame as it sounds I want those seat back protectors so the kids don’t get their muddy little boots all over my car.

@beautybesties1 A vacation would be a fantastic surprise in itself! I need a getaway!

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