On November 19th we joined together at our weekly twitter party to chat about Thankful Travel.  Traveling and seeing new places made the top of your list, with mentions of traveling over the holidays. Is it worth the hassle to plan a fall family getaway, or would you rather host host the Thanksgiving holiday yourself? And  TravelingMom Founder Kim Orlando shared her easy leftover turkey soup recipe!

Have you voluntoured? Where? Why?

What are you thankful for? Traveling and seeing new places most likely make the top of your list, but what about traveling over the holidays? Is it worth the hassle to plan a fall family getaway, or would you rather host host the Thanksgiving holiday yourself? (If you do host, make sure to try out TravelingMom Founder Kim Orlando’s easy leftover turkey soup recipe!)@ElenaSonnino I was part of the #Bloggers4Haiti group that traveled to Haiti to raise awareness about work of trade not aid programs.

@mom4everandever We did the rebuild Joplin, rebuild from Katrina, many things like that. It’s good for kids to see it too.


@nicholemckinnon Hilary Clinton campaign I really wanted her to win- this was 8 years ago in NH.

@MartiJenkins Love Voluntourism, giving back while traveling makes it rewarding. Favorite was in NOLA after Katrina.

What travel gadget are you most thankful for?

@lillikitty123 iPad hands down not a travel gadget per se but couldn’t fly with my 2 year old without it it is her little travel luxury!

@TheeJuliette Rear view mirror counts! Love to see baby while driving.

@allierose GPS on my phone!

@mimitravelz GPS. I depend on it when renting a car on vacay.

Share your funniest Thanksgiving travel story.

@a_biro The 1st thanksgiving my husband, then bf, came to my parents house my mom set oven on fire- twice.

@DebMomof3 Got stuck in snow on way to (& frm) inlaws few yrs ago. Had team of Amish horses pull us free the 2nd time!

@dipaolamomma 1 yr dad slipped, dumping mashed potatoes in mom’s lap. Her reaction? Toss a handful at him. FAMILY FOOD FIGHT!

@TibsTravel Thanksgiving “funny” travel story: college in @VisitMO Flew home to NJ, parents moved across town, didn’t tell me.

@ConnieFoggles I have funny Christmas travel stories, but nothing for Thanksgiving. We don’t travel much that day. Boring 🙁

@MaryHeston Seems like alot of the *funny* stories are only funny years later.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? What food don’t you like?

@3GirlsNYC I don’t eat meat. I’m a vegan. I eat tofurky but cook a feast for my family! that’s torture for me.

@mummadear DESSERT!

@love2lovemykids I forgot about dessert…HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT DESSERT? Love pies…lots of pies…

@DebMomof3 I’m getting very hungry right now… 🙂

@TibsTravel No-one happy the year my mother added jello with beets in it to the feast. Challenged good manners around the table.

What are your Thanksgiving travel tips?

@MaryHeston Low expectations.

@ramblingstump Do not try to bring a full gravy boat through security. TSA frowns on that.

@CarmelLeeMooney Allow plenty of extra travel time & check the weather forecast before you hit the road.

@kimorlando Leave EARLY Whether flying or driving leave at least 1 hr earlier than u would normally No traffic stress that way.

@SheBuysCars Weds nite before Thanksgiving is a great night for city hotels and top restaurants-most usually not crowded and thankful to see you.

Have you spent Thanksgiving away from home? Where? Why?

@autiglobetrot We go cruising w/ family members/friends -no cooking stress involved.

@dipaolamomma 1st Thanksgiving away from home was in Spain. Spanish friends worked so hard to make it VERY American. SO SPECIAL.

@erodg Most Thanksgivings are away from home! To visit family. Exhausting but rewarding.

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