autumnTraveling goes hand in hand with embracing a new culture and appreciating the area we’re visiting. We talked about how much, or how little, the environment influences our travel at our August 20 Monday Night Twitter Party.

Our tweeters are shopping at farmers markets, avoiding chains and talking to locals for tips to support the area. We also shared how we respect nature, what we expect from an eco-friendly hotel and how to teach our kids about eco-friendly travel.

How do you model caring for culture and nature when you travel?
@n210ss: By picking up any litter while walking


@chickadeeprints: Lots of walking!

@LizTicona: By learnin and respecting new cultures, trying their customs, cuisine, talk with locals.

@LobatoVicky: Go to Museums and learn about history.

@chickadeeprints: We always interact with the locals, learn key phrases in their language.

What do you look for in an eco-friendly destinations?

@ConsciousWine: I like to see shampoo, soaps and such out of bulk containers & not individually packaged.

@GSTCouncil: For an eco-friendly destination we look for long-term commitment to protect environment and involvement from local community.

@mom4everandever: Love hotels that do not have to change towels or bedding each day, water savers.

@LizTicona: I look for the hotels being eco friendly and look for organic food as well.

@n210ss: Where the energy and food is from.

How do you support locals when you travel?

@sillymommy: Ask a local for suggestions, they know great places to eat and buy from.

@mpacatte: Never eat at chains.

@allierose:I like to visit local farmers markets, stores. support local artists.

@ConsciousWine: I try to do things that locals do, and hang with locals.

@mummadear: By donating time.

What eco-friendly practices do you expect from hotels?

@allierose: Like the reuse towels, don’t change sheet daily.

@sillymommy: Glass cups instead of disposable ones in the room

@n210ss: If they use eco-friendly supplies around the hotel.

@sillymommy: Refillable soap and shampoo instead of those little bottles that are thrown away.

How much does sustainable practices influence your destination choice?

: Not as much as it should.

?@sillymommy: Location, not so much but the specific hotel and activities are influenced.

@WritingTravel: Eco-friendly practices arent always apparent whn booking hotel. Could do more to highlight their policies

?@cafeyak: Definitely not enough. I will try to pick more eco-friendly hotels in the future.

What do you teach your kids about sustainable travel?

@n210ss: To respect nature and the environment

@GSTCouncil: Teaching kids about sustainable travel = teaching how to respect local environment, people, and culture.

@DebMomOf3: My kids are so used to recycling at home, they were shocked to not see option at hotels & vacation home on our trip this summer.

@LizTicona: I teach them 2 respect natural resources, recycling, local places r better than chains and the reasons why