Road tripWe gathered together on January 28th to talk Super Bowl travel. Some of us had favorite teams, some just favorite cities to travel to and some of us were just in it because we were talking about food. @kymri summed it up best when she said “I knew I shoulda made guacamole before this #TMOM party…..”.

San Francisco or Baltimore? Why?

@smartypantsmama #GoRavens! I went to college at @LoyolaMaryland and will always feel a connection to @BaltimoreMD!


@CindyRichards If we’re talking city, #SanFrancisco. If we’re talking football, neither. My heart belongs to @ChicagoBears

@mriveramora Is it wrong to say, I don’t know?

@ConnieFoggles I have no idea! I’m ready for the food and half time 🙂

@erodg #SANFRANCISCO OR #BALTIMORE? Um, what sport are we talking about?

@dipaolamomma Naturally I’m rooting for #Baltimore because I dig winners and the #Ravens will win.

Best sports town? Why?

@judy511 Um – #NY! – Mets, Giants and Brooklyn Nets.

@jodigrundig Boston – all four teams have had recent championships.

@ramblingstump I love #Boston for sports. So many memories of th@kymrie Red Sox, Bruins & Celtics! Orlando is great for minor league bball training.

@ihopeudancealot best sports city – Philly baby! Next year – lookout 🙂

Best thing about New Orleans?

@dipaolamomma There are SO many “best” things about #NOLA the music tops my list.

@kymri hmm….music…food…music….food….music….food..

@kymri Now I’ve decided. It’s the beignets. Cafe du Monde. Done.

@travelermom #NOLA can be a great family trip. Great food & culture. Zoo, cemetery tours, WWII Museum- plenty for the fam.

@twokidsandamap Love, love, love NOLA! One of my fave places. Love to visit @AudubonZoo in the spring and aquarium in the summer.

@pattertravelers I definitely don’t get the allure of chicory coffee. Cafe du Monde’s benigets though, could eat a ton of those.

What’s your favorite Superbowl ad of all time?

@newlywedmoments oh gosh..any doritos ones!!

@CindyRichards Love all things @BettyWhite. So I’d say the Betty White Snickers commercial last yr. The Darth Vadar car ad was great too.

@SmartyPantsMama #SuperBowlAds Love @CocaCola and #Doritoes ads! I LOVED the one when the guy licked his friend’s #Dorito fingers. I still laugh.

@SheBuysCars At least one #SuperBowl ad will make you coo: #Babylandia from @Kia; here’s a peek

Share your best Superbowl snack recipe?

@ramblingstump Easy Jalapeno Boats- husband loves them! #SB47 #recipe

@ConnieFoggles Chili, Pigs in a Blanket, Refried Bead Dip and a homemade football cookie.

@travelingmoms Not sure what to munch on during #SB47? Find out which #superbowl snacks are faves for some of our #TMOM bloggers!

What sport would you travel to go see? Where? Why?

@erodg beach volleyball in Rio. They play with their feet.

@CindyRichards The NFL Pro Bowl. Duh. They play in Hawaii.

@luxurytravelmom Went to England to see Wimbledon-French Open and Australian Open on the bucket list.

@MriveraMora I’D LOVE to see gymnastics at the Olympics.

@kymri I’ve always wanted to watch a big surf competition……anywhere it’s happening! I’ll be behind the camera, thank you very much.

@cdntripseeker I’ve travelled for #nhl & #nfl And I’d do it again! An accidental detour landed me at a baseball game too. Such fun!

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