roller coasterTaking pictures at a theme park can get a little tricky. Between the fast paced excitement, the crowds and everyone’s attention somewhere different, it may be a little challenging. But our tweeters are traveling pros so they’ve got it down, and we devoted our April 9 Monday Night Twitter Party to taking awesome photos at theme parks. If you missed out, we shared tips on where, how and when to take pictures and what to take the picture of. We also debated if we buy the photos sold at the park and shared our favorite family theme park photo.

What is your tip for taking pictures at a theme park?

@SmartyPantsMama:  Take photos of the ride sign. It’s great for scrapbooking!

@4hatsandfrugal: Take advantage of the natural light and use your zoom to keep bystanders out of the picture.


@kimorlando: Use BURST feature on #HTC Rhyme for fast action.

@DebMomOf3: Capture everything you can while you’re there – can edit and delete later when home. But don’t forget to enjoy yourself too! 

@SmartyPantsMama: I keep one camera ready for snapshots and the other (phone) ready for quick video. or vice/versa.

Where do you always take pictures at a theme park? Why?

@4hatsandfrugal: At the fountains! It just serves as a perfect background.

@maryheston: We always take a picture in the parking lot to remember where we parked

@familytravel4um: Love drippy look after water rides!

@judy511: Making silly faces in line.

What do you do with the photos after your vacay?

@dreamfishing: Mine are transferred to my computer and shared with friends and family.

@A2WithKids: Character pics into photo book to use for next visit. Other pics in collage to hang. Maybe 1 in Christmas Card.

@kjmaje: We share with family on Snapfish. My daughter also makes an photo scrapbook too!

@DebMomOf3: Upload to Flickr for backup and to use in blog posts. Share best photos on FB with family and friends. Put on mom’s digital frame.

Do you buy the pictures they sell at a theme park?

@SmartyPantsMama: I have bought the one’s at the character breakfast but I don’t think ever from a PhotoPass.

@kjmaje: We buy the pictures at the theme park if they come out good and include a digital copy!

@inkscrblr: Yes I totally did that for Disney and made it into a gorgeous shutterfly book

@DebMomOf3: Nope, haven’t ever yet – too expensive. Try to get as many good pics as I can on my own instead.

Post a pic or RT a pic that you like. Why is it great?

@kjmaje: I like this pic of my daughter on Big Thunder Mountain. it captures her excitement! 

@chaotic_barb: I like this shot from@seaworld

@CindyRichards: Is fave from #DisneyFantasy cruise, taken w/#HTC phone. Love sun glistening off AquaDuck

@birdbanter: One of the most photogenic places in any theme park Ive ever been in is this…

Who is the photographer in your family? Why?

@allierose: My son and I share it!

@familytravel4um: Everyone’s a photographer with phones. Dad has serious camera- takes best pictures.

@StressFreeBaby: Me, because I’m particular about framing it up.

@SmartyPantsMama: Me. My husband is the pits. My 5 year old is getting better.

@maryheston: Best to get everyone to take pics – so amazing how everyone sees your adventure differently.