mother and daughterCollege visits are a whole different ballgame when it comes to traveling. Parents are worried about what to say, what not to say, what to bring, what not to bring, and all while trying to hold back tears. Our tweeters shared their list of must-haves during a college visit at our September 17 Monday Night Twitter Party.

We also talked about avoiding extra embarrassment by not drinking like a college kid and not flirting with their friends.

How do you get your kid to spend time with you (at college or not)?

@allierose: At an age where I’m still cool!

@Gods_Smile:I have to offer to do something that they like to do. If not, I am not cool to hang out with. LOL!

@nancyberk: Before visit, text “Going to Costco. What can I bring you?

@SheBuysCars: Kids at college are happy to see you when good food is involved! Take her (and her pals?) out to a nice restaurant.

@mimitravelz: Off campus meals and treats (shopping) lol

@CindyRichards: Wait. Teens spend time with their parents?

What is your #1 tip for visiting a kid at college?

@StressFreeBaby: Don’t walk around in tears the entire time because you miss them.

@collegevisit: Do not corner the RA and ask a bunch of questions

@anthonyderico: Bring FOOD!

@YourCollegeKid: Talk to other parents too since they are going through the same process as you.

@fujifulgueras: Parents should meet people in charge of kids college life including Dean of Students, RA & RD

What should parents expect during a college visit?

@kimorlando: Parents should expect co-ed dorm rooms. That was RARE in the 1980s.

@allierose: A higher credit card bill. the “must haves” will be high.

@CindyRichards :Dirty laundry? (literally and figuratively)

@melinda74: Not to be shocked by anything LOL

@kimorlando: Parents should not expect undivided attention on their visit. Set 1 or 2 times to meet then be flexible.

How do you keep from embarrassing your kid (or yourself)?

@suerodman: Don’t drink like a college kid.

@SheBuysCars: Don’t embarrass your college kid at school by knowing when it’s time to go home (or back to the hotel).

@Gods_Smile:I try not ruin their moment w/their friends by acting too crazy or telling them their faults

@MOM4EVEREVER: My kids are used to it, and I know the limits- I was a kid once too.

@CindyRichards: I pride myself on embarrassing my kids. Isn’t that our job as parents.

What do you pack when you visit a kid at college (besides a credit card)?

@SheBuysCars: Bring comforts from home! Brownies, new slippers, hair products; also, things that are pricey.

@CindyRichards: Really, he wants the socks and undies so we won’t have to do laundry til he comes home for Thanksgiving!

@Gods_Smile: Can’t go wrong with ramen noodles.

@StressFreeBaby: Homemade brownies. he loves ’em.

@kimorlando: How about packing up some of the stuff your kid DID not use at college and take it home early?

@ionMyAdventures: And chocolate chip cookies.

Students: What should a parent never do during a college visit?

@mpacatte: Drama/histrionics in private, please!

@kimorlando: That was a top rule by college kids: do not visit on Thursday, Friday, Saturday night.

@collegevisit: Never comment about gaining the freshman 15!

@kimorlando: NEVER lose your sense of humor.

@nancyberk: NEVER flirt with a friend or roommate.