Road tripRoad trips are a completely different kind of travel. Taking a road trip allows you to be in total control and more often than not, it becomes about the journey instead of the destination. We chatted all about road trips at our September 3 Monday Night Twitter Party.

We debated on how much to stop on the trip and if we’re actually able to keep snacks healthy. Our tweeters also shared how far they’ve traveled on one tank of gas and tips for entertaining the kids.

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled on one tank of gas?


@travelermom: From AL to KS in a VW Bug.

@allierose: About 460 Miles.

@DebMomOf3: Farthest destination trips for us on one tank – Detroit, Chicago or Traverse City from Grand Rapids, MI.

@rockstarmomlv: I can make it from Vegas to LA/OC area on 1 tank.

@BeckyAdventure: 394 miles. Coasted into the gas station

@kimorlando: We went from CT to South Carolina in a BMW X5. Uses Diesel. Several men stopped to double check I was using right fuel.

What’s your favorite gas tank getaway? Why?

@LorraineTravels: Chicago! Our small town is a great place to raise kids, but sometimes we crave a little city life.

@allierose: The beach or near water. Love @Annapolis.

@WorldTravelMom: Lancaster, PA – peace, quiet, scenery, Amish people, Eden resorts.

@kimorlando: One tank of gas will get us from CT to Hershey, PA or Washington DC.

@suerodman@Chattanooga is a great walking city. Lots to do and 1 tank from #Atlanta.


What’s the best and worst thing about a road trip?

@rockgirl97136: The best thing is just getting away w/the fam, the worse thing is when the boys start fighting in the backseat.

@BeckyAdventure: Worst: Trash in the Car, best the comments the kids make.

@GeekDad248: Dealing with kids having to go potty especially when potty training.

@MWill1980: The best thing is having family or friends tagging along to make it fun, the worst, all that driving

?@redfuzzycow: Best part: having quality time with friends and blasting the music LOUD! Worst: cramped legs


Healthy or not healthy snack?

@CindyRichards: Both. Water only (no sticky stuff) but some chips along with fruit, granola.

?@GeekDad248: We try stay healthy but doesn’t always end up that way LOL

?@mom4everandever: I always bring ginger and add to the water we drink- it soothes the tummy along the way too

@rockgirl97136: Trail mix with m&m’s is good, healthy and little bits of candy.

@MWill1980: Absolutely healthy snacks to start off, but the not healthy snacks creep in

How often do you/should you stop on a road trip?

@CindyRichards: Depends. How much did u drink at the last stop?

@mom4everandever: I stop to stretch every hour to hour and a half- just a five minute stretch sometimes but do- a bigger break every 3 hours.

@mimitravelz: Depends on length of road trip. Usually in 5 hours stop 1 or 2 times.

@mimitravelz: Hub likes to power thru. I like to stop for pictures and stretch legs.

@kimorlando: IF u build in an extra hour for your trip u will have time to do something spontaneous.

Best advice for entertaining kids on a road trip?

@KidProjectOrg: New toys from the dollar store.

@6anderson1world: I Spy. And 20 questions. Lap desks good too.

@debthompson: We love books on tape. We take really long road trips and the books help pass time.

@kimorlando: Unplug! Play convo starter games – u can make ur own questions. Kids luv to ask parents embarrassing stuff

@mellanhead: Bring books and games. Talk to them, make up stories.