London UndergroundThis year’s Olympics is making both sports lovers and travel enthusiasts want to make their travel plans now to the next Olympic games. With the Olympic games in mind, we chatted all about traveling for sports at our August 6 Monday Night Twitter Party.Our tweeters shared great tips for packing for a sports trip and told what sports they thought were worth traveling for. Looking for an Olympic tradition? You’re in luck because we also told what we do to celebrate.

What sport is worth traveling to see?

@twinlins: I’m all about gymnastics!

@mellanhead: Football! I want to see the panthers play at home

@didyouyarnthat: Tennis

@allierose: Water Sports – especially diving and swim relays.

@blondefabulous: Football or roller derby. Love being on the travel team for derby!

@DebMomOf3: Hmm, would probably travel to watch #Olympic soccer, swimming, gymnastics, diving, volleyball. Any of them really, just to be there!

If you could pick a city for the Olympics, which would you choose and why?

@GeekDad248: DETROIT – lots of vacant land and could use the jobs to build the sporting venues.

@PaulEisenberg#Detroit. Snubbed 7 times by the IOC. A true sports town that tries really hard every day. What better symbol?

@blondefabulous: Tampa has a large venue and would be able to support a Summer Games easily!

@allierose: Anywhere in Belgium or Spain.

@didyouyarnthat: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA. It’s my hometown and they could desperately use the revenue.

Which Olympic site have you visited or want to visit?

@bigtony76: When I was a kid my parents took us to the 84′ Olympics in L.A. We saw soccer it was great!

@judy511: Montreal, Munich, Lake Placid, SLC, LA

@CraysMom: I would like to visit Greece!

@GeekDad248: Most of the Olympic sites are pretty much trashed after the fact aren’t they? #TMOM so not really any of them.

@skibumPC: Park City/SLC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London …. Of course #ParkCity is my Fave!

What have you seen/do you want to see in London?

@allierose: I want to take the Chunnel.

@kymnasium: I secretly want to see the guard and make him laugh lol

@WorkMomTravels: The mens’ water polo teams. In their swimsuits (or lack thereof).

@CindyRichards: Been to London many times. Still haven’t seen the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Feel like I should.

@nancyberk: Practically lived across the street from Victoria & Albert Museum and never went. Time to fix that

@maryheston: Would love to go to London’s West End and see some shows!

@GeekDad248: I want see Robin Hood’s home – Sherwood forest or at least the last tree standing.

Best packing tips for attending sporting events?

@d1_dawn: Take something to make your seat comfy.

@allierose: Some type of international texting plan. I must tweet the athlete sightings!

@mummadear: Comfortable clothing!

@CindyRichards: Take the small flask that fits in the pocket of your cargo pants. Or maybe a tequila toolbelt

@kymnasium:I take a little wagon just makes it easier if i have to bring food & kids things.

@blondefabulous: Cool clothing, windbreaker that doubles as a rain coat, comfy shoes. Oh, and my skate gear.

@kymnasium: Make sure you pack a cool towel, umbrella, a big over rim hat and spf.

What is your family’s Olympic tradition?

@twinlins: My bro and I used to bet as kids. We loved gymnastics and figure skating.

@Lizinka2001: 1st year with kids, so playing with ideas. Had torches and gold medals.

@bigtony76:  We always make sure to watch opening and closing ceremonies. Each night we pick an event to watch and make popcorn!

@kymnasium: We make all kinds of snacks and sit down to watch it, my dd has her pom poms out so we are ready to cheer Team USA.

@judy511: Watch 4 local athletes.